Kanye West Is Planning a Lavish Affair

WestKanye West is planning a lavish affair for his first wedding anniversary with wife Kim Kardashian, if rumors proved to be true. West reportedly has rented the Eiffel Tower in Paris, France, for a vow renewal ceremony.

There is no concrete word about the purported May 24 ceremony, other than tips from sources to the media. However, the restaurant at the tower, 58 Tour Eiffel, is booked. Restaurant management said there was a private event on May 24.

West. 37, and Kardashian, 34, have a history of romance in France. Both said it is the place where they fell in love. The couple returned to France many times since, mostly for fashion shows. They also hosted a party in France in 2014 as a part of their pre-wedding celebration. The two were married in Florence, Italy, and have a child, North West.

Plans are for the couple to have their renewal ceremony after they visit the Cannes Film Festival. It is uncertain how many guests will attend or who is on the guest list.

West is keeping busy until the big event. He spoke at the School of Art Institute in Chicago on Monday, where he talked about his various publicized comments and controversial opinions. The performer said the words “I’m sorry” can be useful in life. He also made a reference to his previous comments regarding former President George Bush as one of his life lessons, although he did not apologize for the comments.

The rapper stated in 2005 that Bush did not care about black people because of a slow federal response to Hurricane Katrina. Bush condemned the comment and said he has never been racist.

In the graduation speech, West referred to Bush as being a good artist with “some very cool self portraits.” Bush picked up the paintbrush as a hobby after he left the presidency in 2009.

West, who dropped out of college, was honored at the Chicago school by receiving an honorary doctorate. A faction of students disagreed with the decision to give the singer the degree, but 1,500 others signed a petition in support. West has always had a special fondness for Chicago’s art school, in part because Chicago is his hometown but also because he said it offers students opportunities he did not have. He said creating songs or fashion would have come easier for him if he had an SAIC education. Kardashian, who did not attend the event, sent her husband a congratulatory message on Instagram.

West also spent some time with the Kardashians recently. He and his daughter made an appearance on Keeping Up With the Kardashians when they shot a video together for his song Only One. Spike Jonze shot the video.

The performer has also kept himself busy decorating he and Kardashian’s home. Kardashian talked about her husband’s interior decorating talents on Jimmy Kimmel Live, saying he “is so into it.”

West will likely be using those creative talents as he finishes his plans for his first wedding anniversary and all the lavish affair items that go with it. The event will likely generate a lot of buzz in both Paris and Hollywood.

By Melody Dareing


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