Secret Service Agents in White House Incident Reported to Have Been Drunk

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Two Secret Service agents who were driving an SUV during an incident that involved a suspicious item near the White House are now reported to have been drunk. According to a report that was released on Thursday, the two agents were, “more likely than not…impaired by alcohol.”

The report states that after attending a party on the night of May 4th, Marc Connolly and George Ogilvie, “displayed poor judgement,” when they went through the gates and came perilously close to a suspicious package during the active investigation.

According to the report, the party Connolly and Ogilvie were attending started and 5:30 pm. at a bar in the capital’s downtown area. Both agents exited the bar at a approximately at 10:45 p.m., after Conolly drinking two beers and Ogilvie reportedly drinking two scotchs and almost one beer.

Minutes before their arrival at the White House, a report of a suspicious package made the Secret Service close down the area to investigate. After entering the front gate, they drove the vehicle through the active investigation.

Three Secret Service agents looked through the SUV and claimed they there was no odor of alcohol present, but they also stated that the two men were, “not making sense.” The watch commander questioned the two men and detected a minute smell of alcohol in the vehicle. He stated that Ogilvie had a professional demeanor and that Conolly had, a glazed look and a noticable reddish tone to his face.

Secret Service Director Joesph Clancy stated that he is disappointed by the actions of the two agents. One agent is reportedly retiring following the incident.

By Alex Lemieux


CBS News: Secret Service Agents in WH Incident Likely “Impaired by Alcohol”

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