Chris Brown and Tyson Beckford Twitter Feud Over Karrueche Tran

BrownModel Tyson Beckford posted a picture of himself with model Karrueche Tran over the weekend. The Instagram picture angered singer Chris Brown, Tran’s former love. Tran broke up with Brown after learning he had fathered a child with another woman during their relationship. The model was in Las Vegas at the same time as Beckford and joined him in a selfie.

Brown, apparently feeling territorial, sounded off on Beckford via Twitter and the feud quickly spun out of control. The R&B singer posted a flurry of tweets that were veiled, but aimed, at the former runway model. Beckford fired back letting Brown know he was not afraid one bit. The Look At Me Now singer has been trying to win back his ex since she walked away, but so far has not been as successful as he would like.

It may not be a coincidence that of the many luxury hotels located in “Sin City” Tran and Brown are booked at the same one this Memorial Day weekend. The pair has had a complicated and tumultuous relationship despite their love, or lust, for each other. The New Flame singer has been credited as one having turned over a new leaf since welcoming his daughter into his life, but the recent Twitter war with Beckford does not reflect a positive change.

Tran, who was seen on Iyanla: Fix My Life earlier this year, shared an emotional interview about her on-again, off-again relationship with Brown. The model told Iyanla that she still loves the troubled singer and claimed she has tried to help him. Tran did admit if Brown wanted to change they would be in a better place, but said the problem is the singer is damaged; she quickly acknowledged she is damaged too.

It appeared the model wanted to steer clear of any information that might later prove to hinder her chances of getting back with the Deuces singer. According to Tran, she and the Loyal singer met about five years ago when she was a stylist’s assistant. The model said the singer was charming and very nice. At the time Tran explained she wanted to be his friend, not like the other girls who would meet him and sleep with him right away. She was different and wanted their relationship to be different.

The model did not know what to expect when she agreed to date the singer. Brown was Tran’s first celebrity boyfriend, and according to the model, this was all new. The So Cold singer was allegedly made to wait nearly two months before any sexual relations occurred with Tran to ensure their friendship was solid. Prior to learning of Brown’s daughter Royalty, Tran said the couple had discussed having children one day, but not before he put a ring on her finger.

Although Tran said she knew what kind of man the Crawl singer was, she did not want to believe it. The model learned of the Lucky Me singer’s daughter through social media at the same time as the rest of the online world. The aspiring actress said Brown broke her heart with cheating, lying and betrayal. Tran agreed with Iyanla who said the model has to be terribly embarrassed because she had given the whole world entrance into their relationship.

Tran admitted to still being in love with her heartbreak and confirmed he is working to win her back. It is obvious Brown’s feelings for his ex have not dissipated in lieu of the recent Twitter feud which erupted after Beckford posted the Instagram picture with the model. Reportedly, the selfie was just innocent fun that Brown took to heart. The veiled threats issued by the singer have since been deleted, but not before many screenshots were captured and shared.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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