Earthquakes Rock Japan and California[Update]


Buildings shook, and subway service was interrupted Saturday morning due to a 7.8 magnitude earthquake of the southern coast of Japan this morning. No major damage was caused and no reports of injuries as of yet. Quakes rocked both Japan in California, with California experiencing a 4,5 magnitude quake in the early hours of Saturday morning.

The powerful earthquake struck of the coast of Japan near the islands of Ogasawara at 8:24 this morning. According to Japan’s Meteorological Agency the earthquake was a 8.5 and was 370 miles deep, but US Geological Survey said the earthquake was 7.8 in magnitude and was at a depth of 421 miles.

Tokyo which is 620 miles away from the Ogasawara felt the power of the quake. Buildings shook and swayed, power outages and interrupted  train service have all been reported. No tsunami warnings were issued due to the depth of the quake. According to Japan’s Meteorology Agency quakes that occur so deep below the ocean surface usually do not result in a tsunami.

Reports say that the quake lasted from between one to two minutes. With damaging being slight, such a books and pictures falling from walls. No flights have been canceled .

The 7.8 magnitude quake was felt this morning in Japan, due to its location it scared many but thankfully little damage was done.

Reports of a second quake with a magnitude of 6.4 hit in the Izu, Island region of Japan, about 247 mile southeast of Hachijo-jima, Japan. Aftershocks are expected to occur, though not as strong as the initial earthquake they can still cause slight damage and keep people on edge.

A 4.7  magnitude quake has also hit about 95 miles from Arawa and North Solomon, Papa New Guinea Saturday afternoon. Very little information has been released about any impact it may have caused. This is the second one to have hit the region in a week. A 5.5 quake struck about 41 miles SW of Arawa, Papa New Guinea on May 25.


By Jessica Hamel


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