Global Warming and NASA Give Meaning to Apocalypse, Armageddon, and Doomsday Scenarios

Armageddon Apocalypse

Armageddon Apocalypse
The “Doomsday Clock” has been moved a couple of minutes ahead, toward Armageddon. Global warming and nuclear hazards will cause an Apocalypse, that will be created by humans, according to a U.S. based support group, The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists, that was put together by the creators of the nuclear bomb. The Atomic Scientists are now saying the Earth is three minutes from a middle-of-the-night catastrophe.

The journal of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists use “Doomsday Clock” as a symbol to explain how close these experts believe the times are coming to a nuclear holocaust or Apocalypse. During the time of the Cold War, the “clock” was moved closer, or further from midnight depending on current bureaucratic developments. The “clock” has been altered 18 times. The changed times have ranged from two minutes before midnight in 1952 to 17 minutes before midnight in 1991. Two years after the U.S. used the first atomic bombs on Hiroshima and Nagasaki in 1945, the “Doomsday Clock” was created.

Climate change was factored into the Doomsday analysis in 2007. Climate change and modern atomic arsenals became immediate threats to the human existence and inspired the Bulletin of the 20 Atomic Scientists to move the clock even closer to Armageddon, according to the Bulletin’s executive director, Kennette Benedict. There is an extremely high probability that there is going to be a global Apocalypse. Action must be taken to prevent global annihilation, now, said Benedict. A board member of the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists, Sharon Squassoni, believes that climate change has dramatically increased the threats of Armageddon.

A NASA-funded study has made the statement that the Apocalypse is coming within the next few decades. The report was written by Safa Motesharrei, an applied mathematician with a team of social and natural scientists. The report breaks down why and how Armageddon is clearly close. Five risk factors that were analyzed as social collapse risk factors included, climate, water, energy, agriculture, and population. The report continues to explain, that for the past 5,000 years societies have been collapsing, because these factors come together and create two important pieces of precedence, stretching resources, because of the burden on the ecological carrying capacity, and the economic layers of society divided into the rich and the poor, will reveal Armageddon is well on its way.

Essentially since the Earth has limited natural reserves, that are being used at an extremely rapid rate, that goes beyond what the Earth is capable of reproducing. Among those resources that are already strained, those who have money, are stockpiling necessary items, so they have an advantage, and are leaving even less for those who are poor, so they will be unable to survive an Apocalypse. The rich will last longer than the commoners, because they have monopolized the resources. So the rich will carry on with business as usual, regardless of an impending Apocalypse. According to the NASA scientists, the end result will be society’s deterioration.

NASA has acknowledged the need for android defense, as well as the European Space Agency (ESA). The agencies are working together to design missions, and test the capability to push an asteroid off its course, if it is a true threat to Earth. The two agencies are working in tandem on the Asteroid Impact and Deflection Assessment (AIDA), the first international effort against a possible asteroid Apocalypse.

ESA started working on the Asteroid Impact Mission (AIM), in March. The AIM spacecraft will travel to a two-fold asteroid system that consists of a 2,625-foot-wide (800 meters) Didymos and its 560-foot-wide (170 meter) moon.

If all goes as it is supposed to, AIM will launch in 2020, which will be two years before NASA’s portion of AIDA will take flight. The AIM mothership will observe Didymoon and put a lander on the object.

NASA will dive into its design phase of its Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART), in a few months. That DART probe will fly into an asteroid system in 2022 at 13,420 mph and crash into the Didymoon. The missions will learn what force will be necessary to shift an oncoming asteroid off its orbit, and determine the best strategy for the planetary defense system against an asteroid Apocalypse, according to ESA officials. DART’s ability to shift Didymoon from its orbit, will be the first time humans have been able to alter a measurable dynamic of the solar system.

There is a claim that the U.S. government has knowledge concerning a looming asteroid Apocalypse, however, there is the belief that the government is keeping the knowledge a secret, so there will not be mass panic, but news has spread quickly, causing anxiety and stress for the Doomsday believers. Prophets have given warnings that Armageddon is on the way, and there is an increasing belief that an asteroid Apocalypse will hit September of 2015.

Even though the governments are purportedly keeping the upcoming Apocalypse a secret, the rich are stocking up to prepare for Armageddon, say conspiracy theorists. There are a variety of versions, predicting the impact of the asteroid Apocalypse, being circulated through the online rumor mill. Some of the rumors are combing, and it is strengthening the convictions of sensitive individuals, that are exposed to the continuous conversations of the Doomsday predictions, concerning the asteroid Apocalypse occurrence in 2015.

A self-proclaimed prophet, Reverend Efrain Rodriguez, seems to have started this growing hysteria. He has said that he wrote a letter to NASA, November 12, 2010 that was titled, “Letter to the Space Agency…meteor headed toward Puerto Rico.” Reverend Rodriguez claimed, in the letter, that he had a message from God. God had told him an asteroid would soon show up on NASA’s radar, Armageddon is approaching. Reverend Rodriguez said the asteroid would hit the ocean near Puerto Rico. He continued, that it would cause an earthquake and tsunami with massive destruction to the East Coast of the U.S., Central America, Mexico and South America. The letter instructed NASA to alert people in the “strike zone” to relocate so they would be safe from the Apocalypse.

Even though Reverend Rodriguez sent the letter to NASA, he had the belief that the necessary agencies were already aware of the Doomsday Apocalypse. He said NASA confirmed the course of the asteroid that will bring on the Apocalypse and that President Obama had been briefed appropriately. All the while, those with money and power have been planning to store extra supplies and build bomb shelters to protect themselves.

After the Reverend’s message of prophecy, many online groups popped up in a dissonance of other near predictions and claims that cause alarm and heighten fear and paranoia of the possible asteroid Armageddon. Online rumors and websites filled with conspiracy theories, have made claims that FEMA is stockpiling body bags, emergency supplies, and coffins to prepare for a major cataclysmic event in Puerto Rico, Armageddon. FEMA was forced, because of the rumors, to release a statement in 2013. FEMA denied that it was stocking up on body bags. Alejandro De La Campa, FEMA’s Caribbean Regional Director, said it is normal for FEMA to purchase and put into storage, necessary emergency supplies, and did not make any unusual or extreme purchases. However, that statement has not stopped the rumors about FEMA or the Apocalypse.

The community of conspiracy theorists are looking for any signs of the upcoming Apocalypse, Laurent Fabius, the French Foreign Minister, May 2014, made the statement that the world had 500 days to evade climate chaos. The statement was interpreted as a hidden statement about the asteroid Apocalypse. In reality, however, the minister was expressing hope that the U.N. climate conference scheduled to open in Paris, France November 2015, would have a positive outcome.

Soon an end-time prophetic statement that has originated from many sources in the Doomsday conspiracy theory community, identified September 23-24, 2015 as the asteroid Apocalypse. There are many “prophets” who have determined that the Apocalypse will happen near the time of the Jewish Day of Atonement, 2015, which is September 23-24.

By Jeanette Smith

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