Houthi Rebels and Saudi Forces Clash in Yemen, Rockets Launched


On Monday morning, Houthi rebels and Saudi soldiers engaged in an intense firefight near the border areas of Yemen. The attack comes just one day before a five-day humanitarian ceasefire.

According to citizens of Jizan and Najran, the Saudi towns receives heavy rocket fire from the Houthi rebels near one of their outposts just outside of the city. The Katyusha short range rockets were launched just a few hours after Saudi forces attacked the Houthi outpost. The Saudi was in a clash against them to drive them out of seized towns. Months ago, the rebels seized the capital, Sanaa.

Currently, there is no information regarding casualties or injuries. Reports state that buildings have been hit and seriously damaged.

Sunni Muslim Gulf monarchies’ bombers and fighter planes have been in a six-week campaign to drive the Houthis back from the Saudi border. Saudi Arabia put a five-day ceasefire on the table for the Houthi militants. The ceasefire would allow humanitarian aid into the country. Though, the temporary truce depends on the grace of the rebels not to fight.

By Alex Lemieux


Al Arabiya News

Photo by Omar Chatriwala – Creativecommons Flickr License





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