Internet Controlling the Global Workforce and Global Economy


The Internet access continues to have an impact on the global workforce and the global economyCNN Money reported 2.8 billion Internet users, which is an increase from the 35 million in 1995. It was also noted that 73 percent of the world’s population have access to a device that will connect to Internet services in some form. In the global world, the highest mobile traffic rate exists in Nigeria and India, with 76 and 65 percent respectively. The United States has a 22 percent rate while France and Russia have the lowest mobile traffic ratings.

The global Internet traffic has shown an increase in use over the past few years two areas due to the consumer Internet video traffic and the mobile video traffic. In 2014, the global Internet video represented a 64 percent rate of the consumer traffic and the global mobile rate was shown to be at 55 percent.

InternetThe Internet is responsible for the creation of jobs that do not require a traditional, four year college degree. Further, this access allows for more flexible hours and creative work environments. With the baby boomers leaving the job market at a rate of approximately 10,000 per day, the job market will be open for 30 million people over the next five years. However, as the use of the it influences the global workforce and the economy, jobs having high wages with low skill requirements will be even more difficult to find.

The United States Department of Labor indicated that the want ads in newspapers have a different outlook. Attention is not being given to typists and switchboard operators, nor are listings exclusively made according to a specific gender. As the Internet market expands, the future employees are needed as  Webmaster, desktop publishers, and LAN operators.

The use of the Internet will continue to impact the type of work that must be accomplished. Ultimately, the skill set to be able to compete in the global market will expand. A valuable skill set to acquire is digital fluency, an ability to interpret information, construct knowledge, and design content in order to predict and reach a desired outcome. It was reported that over the next 10 years, digital fluency will be a requirement for approximately 80 percent of the jobs being offered.

The use of technology continues to demonstrate an economically global potential and  it is gaining momentum as its use provides services across the water. For example, consumers  in China are advocating for a better environment, education, and health care. The Internet will make it possible to attain these resources through the skills of the jobs Americans can provide.  Internet

The Wall Street Journal  reported a story about a young Chinese female who had become mysteriously ill. The medical information was posted on the Internet and Western doctors were able to give a diagnosis that saved her life. In other situations, MRIs and CT scans have been reviewed by American doctors at various medical centers and knowledge has been shared.

There are other important factors of the Internet  influencing the global workforce and economy. Eighty-seven percent of millennials have a strong investment in emerging markets and, subsequently, always ensure access to its service as a priority.

The smartphone is one of the most popular devices such that 80 percent of the millennials state they reach for it as they begin each day. The spread of the smartphone and app usage has demonstrated how services can be provided online instantly and the services can be offered beyond national borders.

The Internet is redefining how and where business takes place and who will benefit. As its usage moves forward, there will be  greater visibility of the inequality of the workforce and how it will affect the economy.


Written by Marie A. Wakefield


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