South Africa Is a Peculiar Nation

South Africa

South Africa is a peculiar nation with the African National Congress (ANC) ruling party sneaking around carrying out various racist and communist activities. The politics and deception of the ANC by ascribing the disintegration of parliament protocol to the sick nation. The glaring nature of apartheid’s violent culture is the cause of a sickness spreading across South Africa. Not only are the ordinary people sick, but also the disease has crept into Parliament and according to Zuma, the country must be cured.

How totally and utterly stupid can the ordinary people of South Africa be? Looking back at how many times preferential treatment is given to criminals. A close friend of Zuma, Schabir Shaik was found guilty of corruption and fraud and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. After serving two years and four months prison term, mostly in a hospital, Shaik was granted medical parole in 2009 and lives in Durban. Former national police commissioner Jacki Selebi was found guilty of corruption in 2010 and sentenced to 15 years imprisonment. Selebi was released on medical parole in 2012 and died of a stroke in January 2015. There are other political prisoners in South Africa who have not received preferential treatment because there is no affiliation to the ANC.

How incredibly stupid are the ordinary people of South Africa to watch, Shaik get away with criminal activities. Repeatedly, it is like watching the same charade being played out with Selebi.A lie protects Shaik. Are the ordinary people deaf, dumb and downright stupid to allow the Zuma deceptions to go unnoticed?

Zuma is like a bent reed in the wind, pretending to give in, and exactly the same as former President Thabo Mbeki did. Flexible in the fact of the West, pretending to be decent, caring and leading a country with high potential. Giving only enough to get attention away from the devious, underhanded deeds and when all is under the blanket, continue with racism and communism.

Rest assured Zuma is a leftist communist and the ANC’s big move is to shut down mass media in an attempt to hide the real truth. Exposure of the filthy moves made is not something the Zuma led administration need. Closing down media is a shrewd move to stop the majority of the ANC voters from realising how dirty the ANC play. The biggest drawback to succeeding hinges on the many promises made to the electorate that they will not be able to fulfil.

A great deal of the ANC’s popularity stems from the fact of convincing people; the party would provide free housing, electricity and education. The majority voted for the ANC and still waiting for the promises to be fulfilled. The cold reality of fiscal discipline exploded the pipe dream, and the ANC have found a way out by blaming apartheid.
Zuma is trapped in a traditional belief system that does not accept personal responsibility and accountability. Mystical external forces, such as unhappy ancestors and bad spirits, cause ills.The belief system seeks to externalize cause and ascribe to dysfunctional behavior to the other; that is the reason it is easy to blame scapegoats. All bad for modern society.

Apartheid is the favorite excuse used by the ANC and Zuma for the failings of bad governance. The party and in particular Zuma never fails to remind supporters of how great a liberation movement the ANC is and perpetuates the culture of victimhood that is so prevalent in Africa. The majority play right into the hand of the ANC. It could be asked what the ANC handle and whether there is justification for blaming apartheid for shortcomings. According to Zuma, the government are not dealing with current problems but rather solving problems created centuries ago.

The countless attempts to understand apartheid and the lasting effect on South Africa is justifiable excuses used by a communist government to hide the reality from the ordinary people. July 2012 Zuma said that the inability to deliver school textbooks to a school in Limpopo was an apartheid legacy problem. How can apartheid be blamed for non-delivery of textbooks?

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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