South Africa a Time Bomb Ready to Explode

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South Africa

There are many stories comparing South Africa to a time bomb ready to explode from the deplorable conditions and slow genocide of the whites. The delicate situation of crime, corruption and poverty increasing throughout the land raises concern. Living under a communist government led by a president who rules over nepotism, lining his pockets and destroying everything the apartheid government built.There is the element of the South African Communist party affiliated to the governing African National Congress (ANC) who have not sidetracked from influencing the Zuma administration and turning South Africa into a one-party state.

Julius Malema kicked out of the ANC formed a new political party Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF) in an attempt to be voted into a position of power. Malema is surviving pretty well for a racist genocidal maniac who wants to shoot the Boer (White farmer). Encouraging racism, encouraging genocide, Malema was not in trouble for singing and inciting racial hatred that goes against the grain of the Constitution. Malema got off the hook completely for stirring up of black hate toward Afrikaners. The issue of racial hatred toward whites is not a big deal for the ruling ANC.
The violent offenders who engage in armed violence present the most danger to others. South Africa has experienced some of the bloodiest and cruelest crime scenes. The farm murders and current violent crime epidemic in South Africa saps the sanity of the people living under a communist threat.

Zuma, like Malema, just duck and dive to get away from negative attention, yet are still around to continue the mission of nationalization, communism, and land expropriation. In August 2013, Agang SA leader Mamphela Ramphele described Malema as South African’s own Hitler. Ramphele said Malema was making dangerous promises on land expropriation to desperate people.

The international community continues look away as South Africa degenerates into another race pit. There is coordinated campaign of genocide being conducted against whites. Farm murders are not accidental; the massacres are not common crime especially because of the barbarity used against victims. Zuma denies that genocide is happening in South Africa and relates are farm attacks to a crime problem.

Black people are maturing, and the longer the country stays on the road of democracy, the more people will learn. The ANC, Malema, and Zuma will have a lot of contention. The clock is ticking, and while blaming the failures on whites might appeal to them, there will come a time when the West will not be too charmed with over racism. The future promises to be interesting, although Zuma and Malema have not changed. Both Zuma and Malema are more careful and quiet for now.

The racial tension bubbling over within the South African nation is swiftly going down the road toward a Zimbabwe-style meltdown. Genocide Watch warned South African farmers that the country might soon be facing a Rwanda style genocide. Malema now on the opposite side of the ANC takes Zuma to task about the tensions in South Africa. Although both Malema and Zuma are part of the cause of problems, both are militant. Inciting violence and having an attitude of entitlement through violent change. There is the culture of instant wealth through corrupt deals and occupying land without ownership is not a crime. Corruption and inciting violence are not a crime, according to the actions of Malema and the ANC government. It is called incapacity, the ability to focus key issues of leadership while focusing on the next corrupt deal all at the same time.

Opinion by Laura Oneale

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Photo Courtesy of Warren Rohner Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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