Judge Declares Mistrial for Four of Six Suspects in Killing of Kevin Quick


A Charlottesville, Virginia, judge has declared a mistrial for four of the six suspects that have been charged for the 2014  killing of Waynesboro Reserve Police Captain Kevin Quick. The Tuesday morning decision came after a potential mistake with the safety of the jurors, according to initial reports. Mersadies Lachelle Shelton, Shantai Monique Shelton, Anthony Darnell Stokes, and Gert Arthur Wright III will return in the near future to resume the trial.

According to authorities, a full list of the pool of jurors to be selected was apparently duplicated and passed to inmates in the Orange County Jail. The list has on it the names of the jurors, including partial Social Security numbers, addresses, number of children, and other personal identification and information.

According to prosecutors, all six defendants are from the 99 Goon Syndikate. All are facing 36 charges of crimes related to the killing of Quick and other crimes committed in Central Virginia.

Quick was originally reported missing on February 1, 2014. His body was found by police a few days later in the woods near the City of Richmond.

By Alex Lemieux


NBC 12



Photo by Ken Lund – Creativecommons Flickr License


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