California Shooting Leaves Four Injured


A serious shooting in Isla Vista, California has left four people injured as a result. There is also said to be a matter of assault involved in the incident.

Four men have been reported as having ended up in the hospital following the shooting, and two of them are said to be suspects. The suspects’ identities have been revealed as that of 22-year-old Joshua Taylor, and 19-year-old Jose Guadalupe Gutierrez. Taylor is from Lompoc, and Gutierrez from Goleta.

The shooting itself was first reported last night, May 11 at around 7:30pm. The University of California’s Santa Barbara campus was subsequently put on lockdown, and the only information that was known about the culprit involved is that a Hispanic male was seen fleeing the area in a white Sedan shortly after.

When police responded to the home on Sabado Tarde Road, after hearing of a domestic disturbance, they found three males who had sustained injuries. Two were shot, and one had been assaulted.

By Rebecca Grace


NBC Los Angeles

Guardian Liberty Voice

Photo by Glenn Beltz – Creativecommons Flickr License

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