Kim Kardashian “Un-Kovered” on Vogue


In a tragic snub and horrific example of being “Un-Kovered,” Kim Kardashian was omitted from the slightest mention on the current cover of Vogue’s 2015 Met Gala Special Edition. Never mind that Kardashian was voted one of the best-dressed celebrities at the event by the online edition of the magazine during the previous week. She even initially tweeted her mocked surprise at this great honor:

“Best dressed list?!?! Thank you so much Vogue for this honor! #MetGala2015.”

One is only as good as one’s most recent magazine cover, however. This is one recent high-profile cover that the self-important starlet missed and she is reportedly livid about it.

“Kalling All Kars”kardashian

While no FBI investigation has been announced into this incredulous oversight, insiders are saying that Kardashian was particularly incensed that younger sister, Kendall Jenner, was mentioned on the cover along with Beyonce’, Jennifer Lawrence, George and Amal Clooney, Derek Jeter, Jennifer Lopez, FKA Twigs and Robert Pattinson, and Lady Gaga. The cover also featured a radiant Rihanna in a brilliant yellow gown.

A little more than a year ago, Kardashian and rapper fiance’ (at the time), Kanye West, were the belles of the Vogue cover ball. Hollywood was abuzz with the upcoming wedding of the century between two of its brightest and most photogenic flames. The world was literally sponsored by the letter “K.” Where did it all go so wrong?

Editrix-In-Chief Is The Punisherkardashian

Debacle insiders are speculating that Vogue editor-in-chief, Anna Wintour, might have omitted Kardashian from “Koverage” intentionally. All 2015 Met Gala attendees were specifically instructed not to post selfies to social media during the grand party. However, when one is dominating the red carpet real estate in a Roberto Cavalli gown, one must photographically proclaim their preeminence. The star posted a selfie taken with herself, her husband and Madonna onto her Instagram account. Obviously, operating a fashion magazine that revolves around exclusive photography of celebrities requires some cooperation from the same celebrities. Why pay for a magazine subscription for photos of an event when you can just subscribe to Instagram feeds for low-resolution versions of the same images?

Kardashian And The “Kase” of the Missing Fabric

Kardashian’s lack of coverage also extended to fabric placement in her ultra-sheer Cavelli gown with a feathery train. In an industry that loves to devour its own, gossip swirled that the gown looked a lot like Beyonce’ Knowles’ Givenchy dress of 2012. Since Kardashian’s husband, West, claims that he dresses his wife for these types of events, the rapper can fall on his own fashion faux pas sword. It is particularly galling that West would one-up Knowles with a “Kopy-Kat” gown choice when he has gone to bat for her on televised award shows in the past like the Video Music Awards or the Grammy’s. The Hollywood web is so tragically tangled with fair-weather friends, especially among the “K’s.”

Ever-troubled Justin Bieber also defied Wintour’s admonition against social media posting, as did Katy Perry, Kerry Washington and Brit-star, Lily Collins. They may all be quickly deleting the deleterious proof of their disobedience if they plan to be invited back to the 2016 Met Gala. Wintour is no stranger to social media or the self-importance of the stars she covers. She does, however, exclusively control the RSVP list for her galas as well as the layout for future Vogue magazine covers. Perhaps the most glaring evidence of her control and consequences is the obvious “Un-Kovering” of Kim Kardashian in this 2015 Met Gala Vogue edition.

Opinion by Chris Marion


Radar Online: ‘A Slap In The Face!’ Kim Kardashian Is ‘Livid’ Over ‘Vogue’ Cover Snub — While Kendall Jenner Made The Cut

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