Michigan Woman Dies After Car Crash in Ottawa County


According to local reports from news outlets in Ottawa County, Michigan, a woman died on Monday afternoon following a terrible car accident involving two vehicles. Local law enforcement officials stated that the car crash happened at the corner of Comstock Street and U.S. Route 31.

Police authorities reported that Nancy King, the driver of the car, apparently ignored a flashing yellow traffic light while trying to make a left left turn on to Comstock Street. King and one other passenger in the car were struck by a car in oncoming traffic.

King is currently in a stable condition at a Michigan hospital. However, the passenger in the car, Doris Hatwick, King’s 91-year-old mother, died after she was transported to the hospital from injuries sustained during the car crash.

Initial reports show that Hatwick did not have her seatbelt fastened at the time of the crash. The driver in the second car is also in a stable condition.

By Alex Lemieux



Photo by Jvanb231 – Creativecommons Flickr License

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