New Tech Advancements Position Microsoft Corporation for Growth

Microsoft Corporation

New advancements in technology are positioning Microsoft Corporation for rapid growth resulting in a great investment for stockholders. Financial experts believe the push in research will also lead to fierce marketplace competition with the computer company’s rivals.

Several high-tech companies, including Microsoft, are focusing on cloud growth. Specifically, companies want to use the cloud to promote a variety of services to customers. Those services include applications that manage businesses relationships with customers, cloud storage, video conferencing, new software applications that help developers maintain operating systems and remotely managing networking and infrastructure.

Tech industry experts believe this area of growth in the cloud is the next big wave in computer technology. A strong position in this area will be a determining factor in competition, according to financial pundits.

Microsoft Corporation is also forging ahead in another area that may place it ahead of competition. The company is putting strategies in place to increase its presence into online and mobile payment systems. Some began to notice the company making some crucial changes in March. That was when the State of Idaho Department of Finance gave Microsoft Corporation its first money transmitter license. The company is not currently offering any banking or payment products, but has applied for similar licenses in all 50 states.

Its primary competitor, Apple Inc.,  has already received its licenses. Experts proclaim that does not offer much of an advantage because the two companies are aiming at different markets. The advantage that Microsoft Corporation has in this area is two-fold, according to experts. First, Microsoft is producing platforms that match up to their competitors, so it is likely the company’s mobile payment system would work across the board on competitors’ platforms. Second, financial gurus state Microsoft is much more entrenched into the business network than its competitors so it has a positional advantage for growth as these new technologies advance.

The network system between Microsoft Corporation and businesses is important, according to experts. While consumers may use other mobile platforms, eventually businesses will need to pay other businesses. That is the market Microsoft will likely capture and it is a huge market. Experts also state is a more sustainable market than the consumer target because businesses do not jump ship at the next big thing once a system is in place.

A third high-tech area where Microsoft is making strong headway is with artificial intelligence. The company is developing an application product that automatically categorizes digital photographs and puts them in their proper computer folders. Professional photographers would benefit from this immensely, but casual photographers would also buy into the concept because of the time it saves.

Computer tech watchers are interested in this product for reasons beyond its initial scope. The product uses research into artificial intelligence to recognize certain aspects of photos in order to categorize them. Not only does it capture the image and place it correctly, but is being designed to automatically write captions that are grammatically correct. This research goes beyond visual technology because it links something seen to actual language. That gets into the realm of thinking as the human brain does. The next step in the advancement is to produce computers that can actually make logical decisions independent of a programmer. That is true artificial intelligence, which Microsoft executives said is the ultimate goal.

Microsoft Corporation’s dive into these new technology advancements are part of an overall strategy to position the company for high growth. Experts believe expected growth will happen at a rapid pace once it starts and that will make this computer company a formidable competitor in the future. It will also prompt equally rapid growth among Microsoft’s competitions, which will generate a lot of new products and services for consumers and businesses.

By Melody Dareing


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