Obama Has a Secret Nuclear Deal With China


While President Obama has been doing taped TV interviews, hosting the champion Nascar team, and meeting at the Oval Office with the defense secretary, sources state a piece of the President’s schedule was missing. A notification was sent to Congress, that Obama had a secret nuclear deal with China needing to be renewed.

The secret deal allowed China to buy coolant technology that is a reactor, that is said to make quiet submarines, by experts. The Chinese are also allowed to purchase U.S. reactor designs that will pursue the technology and to reprocess spent fuel of plutonium. The notice was released on April 21, and it has just reached the media, because the administrators believed it would stir-up anxiety within Congress, who fear the growing naval power of China.

Experts also fear China’s nuclear technology could fall into the wrong hands. Congress has scheduled a closed-door meeting on Monday, May 11, to speak with five of the presidents officials, in regards to Obama’s secret nuclear deal with the Chinese.

By Krystle Mitchell


Washington Post

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One Response to "Obama Has a Secret Nuclear Deal With China"

  1. Steve Pitzel   May 11, 2015 at 7:30 am

    We have a Marxist President sending nuclear technology to communist China, working to ensure the terrorist regime of Iran has nukes, throwing a lifeline to the communist Castro regime in Cuba to keep them going, race riots across America, the lowest labor participation rate since Jimmy Carter’s years – and the next Marxist President in Waiting, Hillary Clinton, has given Russia half of our uranium to give to Iran. All of this is a result of liberal policies supported by the Democrat-Socialist Party. At what point to we admit liberalism truly is a cancer on this country? Liberals do not believe in this country, it’s values, or its constitution.

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