Omega-3 Is a Necessity

Omega-3’s are essential to an individual’s health and diet. Being healthy can result in a longer life and feel more energetic about the day. Omega-3’s are found in plant and animal sources. Most sources talk about choosing the one that is animal-based, known as EPA and DHA. Omega-3 benefits are greatly underestimated but are a necessity. The most important benefit is to cardiovascular health. Studies show that people who have suffered a heart attack and start taking fish oils can greatly reduce chances of having another heart attack. These fish oils also help promote an effective immune system.

Studies show higher DHA levels can have effects on a child’s learning and behavior potential. Higher levels of DHA help children with reading, memory, and overall learning, as well as behavioral patterns. Overall, it will help parents regulate a child’s health. When a child is happy, the behavior is overall more positive. It is recommended that parents supply children with DHA at an early age, as it will only help children with learning and behavior in the future.

A common problem in a majority of Americans is that they suffer from low fish oil deficiency. The low deficiency in an immune system can really play dangerous games with the body’s immunity. Lack of fish oil essentials can contribute to mental and physical problems, as well as premature deaths. This deficiency is also a factor for developing cancer and heart disease, as well as contributing to 100,000 deaths each year.

Omega-3 can help protect against breast cancer, helps repair DNA damage, and prevent tumor development. Fish oil essentials also have been found to reduce cancer cell growth. Balance a body right with the right amount of fish oils and keep that body healthy. Some foods that Omega-3 are found in are fats in fish (wild salmon is the biggest source) and krill oil. Krill oil shows 48 times more Omega-3 than fish oil. Calamari oil and fish oil are also Omega-3 filled choices.

Krill oil is also highly recommended before and during a pregnancy. DHA is found in breast milk and can be a great start for a child’s future health as well as success. A good balance of krill oil is a great substitute and helps balance out the amount needed to make an immune system fight diseases effectively. Other foods that contain Omega-3 are flaxseed oil, seeds, fish oil, salmon, fish, caviar, sardines, cod oil, nuts, butternuts, spices, cloves, whitefish, marjoram, walnut, vegetable, herring, spinach, anchovy, and broccoli. These foods are just some of the suggested foods that are rich in krill oil.

Now there may be some unpleasant side effects of taking fish oils. Some common side effects may include bad breath, stomach and stool issues, as well as nausea. In some cases, if a larger dose than necessary is taken, it could result in bleeding. Consulting with a doctor or nutritionist regarding the use and dosage of fish oils is highly recommended. It is also important to not overindulge with these essentials, as the side effects could become quite severe. Yet, not taking enough could result in a premature death. These important factors confirm why Omega-3 is a necessity to everyone.

Opinion By Elina Brik

Photo by Health Gauge – Creativecommons Flickr License

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