B.B. King Blues Legend in Hospice at Vegas Home


Blues legend B.B. King has reassured fans on his official website Friday evening that he is in hospice care at his Las Vegas home after a recent health scare. The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame singer was taken to hospital 3pm Thursday afternoon by his daughter, Patty King, after she noticed her father was not eating and appeared dehydrated. Medical personnel that attended the home and at the hospital monitored his condition and determined his condition could be attributed to a possible minor heart-attack, possibly related to his Type 2 Diabetes.

The second health scare in a month for the musician has fans, close friends and family worried, alike. King’s long time business manager, Laverne Toney, and his daughter had a dispute over his medical care hours before the authorities were called to his house. Celebrity website TMZ claims Ms. King called the police because she was upset about her father’s condition and wanted him hospitalized. Toney, the legend’s power-of-attorney, told reporters that the blues singer didn’t want to be in a hospital and had always maintained this stance with his manager. The ambulance had been summoned by Officer Jesse Roybal, who characterized the situation as a domestic dispute over Mr. King’s care. No complaints were filed, nor arrests made, on that day, but the police confirmed that they are investigating a complaint filed by  on Nov. 16.

In addition to Patty King, who lives with her father, disputing the musician’s care with Toney, she claims that Toney was stealing from her father. She claims at least $20-30 million in money and valuables was stolen, including several Rolexes and a ring worth $250,000. Patty King also believed that Toney withheld medications from the performer while on tour in October, 2014. It is most likely that this claim and the theft claims are being investigated by the police in the November 16 complaint. No comments were made in regards to the nature of the ongoing investigation.

B.B. cancelled the final shows of his 2014 tour last October after falling ill in Chicago. He had eight shows left, including a gig at the B.B. King Blues Club in New York. The 89-year-old at the time had been diagnosed by a doctor with dehydration and exhaustion. No other details about his condition had been revealed.

Another incident in April, 2014, was linked with his Type 2 Diabetes, a condition he has suffered for the last two decades. The shakey performance, held in St. Louis, was so erratic that a statement was released apologizing after the gig. It stated that the long drive, high blood sugar from his medication and rigors had contributed  to the detraction from an often high standard of excellence by The Thrill is Gone singer.

It appears the famed musician’s health is starting to become affected more and more by his gigs, as he cancels dates relating to health conditions. It is clear that his children and his business manager all want to put the singer’s health first, over performances, but as they cannot agree whether to hospitalise or use a home hospice, it can be worrying what is going to happen.

B.B is thankful to his fans for their well wishes and he is in high spirits. B.B. King has sold millions internationally and released more than 50 albums in his career including Live at the Regal, which made the 141st spot of Rolling Stone’s Greatest Albums of All Time list. The popular album includes the influential songs Everyday I Have the Blues and How Blue Can You Get.

By Kiara Hartley


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