Police Report Bondsman Standoff in Phoenix Leads to Serious Injury


On the morning of May 5, 2015, police have reported that a man wanted for aggravated assault was seriously wounded in a standoff with bondsman. The incident took place in Phoenix, Arizona.

The man in question, whose identity has not yet been released to the public, was wanted on alleged charges of aggravated assault. His bond on the matter had been revoked on a weapons violation. He was found, by authorities, to be hiding in a bedroom closet. Upon being discovered, the man shot at two of the bondsmen who were coming to capture him, thus ensuing said standoff.

Sources say that one of the bondsman fired a stunbag at the culprit, which hit him in the face, and another bondsman fired a rifle hitting him in the leg. He was taken to hospital for serious injuries, and his identity reportedly will be released at the time in which the suspect is booked into jail.

Neither bondsman suffered fatal injuries, although one of them is said to have been grazed in the head by the shots the suspect fired. More information on the matter will be released by police once the alleged criminal is released from hospital and brought to a correctional facility.

By Rebecca Grace


FOX10 Phoenix

Photo by Police Package – Creativecommons Flickr License

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