Severe Tornado Warning Issued for Texas Major Damage Expected to Occur



There has been a severe tornado warning issued for the New Fairview area of Texas, and the damage which is said to occur is listed as extremely significant. The time frame of which this natural disaster is said to be a problem is listed as 6:45 CDT to 7:15 CDT.

Seven miles east of the city of Decatur, Texas, the tornado was reported as steadily moving northeast at a speed of 20 MPH. The damage that could potentially occur is listed as follows: damage to vehicles, roofs and and windows will occur, trailers (mobile homes) will either be severely impacted or destroyed, tree damage is reported as being likely and those who are not protected or under cover should be extremely wary of flying debris.

The rural areas of eastern wise and northwestern Denton counties are said to be where the tornado will generally remain, most significantly the locations of Rhome and Ponder. Citizens are being advised to take shelter as soon as they can, and to remain secured in their homes until all signs of the disaster have disappeared completely and it has been reported safe to go outside.

By Rebecca Grace



Photo by koschi – Creativecommons Flickr License