United States Man Shot During an Attempted Robbery

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A United States man has been shot during an attempted robbery in Indiana. The incident occurred on the East side, reportedly in one of the busier areas of town. Officers were dispatched to the scene at approximately just before 10pm, after hearing that an individual had been subject to a gunshot injury.

The shooting took place in the 3600 block of East Washington Street. Upon arriving at the location, officers say that they found a male with multiple gunshot wounds; these wounds were suffered to the chest, arm and back. The victim was immediately transported to Eskenazi in critical condition; however, upon being treated at the establishment, his condition was downgraded to being “serious” but not life threatening.

The United States victim in question was believed to have been shot near his car. All that is known regarding why he was the target is that he is suspected to have been involved in an intended robbery. Three African American males were reported to have been fleeing the scene, but this has not been confirmed.

By Rebecca Grace



Photo by Jimmy Baikovicius – Creativecommons Flickr License