Bill Hudson Disowns Children Kate and Oliver in Shocking New Interview


Bill Hudson, father of Hollywood superstars Kate and Oliver, has disowned his children in a shocking new interview conducted with The Daily Mail on¬†Sunday, June 28. The 65-year-old not only put his son and daughter on blast while speaking about his situation, but also made sure to take a few shots at former spouse Goldie Hawn, the children’s mother.

The reason for the father of five’s decision to allegedly no longer acknowledge Kate and Oliver lies with an Instagram post the son uploaded on Father’s Day, June 21. The 38-year-old shared a photo with his younger sister in which they were accompanied by their father, and it was captioned “Happy abandonment day…@katehudson.” He then proceeded to wish a very enthusiastic Happy Father’s Day to stepfather Kurt Russell, to whom his mother has been married since 1983. Hawn’s daughter took essentially the same approach; while she did not directly address her father in the same way Oliver did, she shared an intimate photo with Russell and gushed about how much she loved him and what a great dad he had been over the years.

Their birth father was none too happy to discover his eldest children felt about him this way. After stewing for quite some time and having to listen to his phone “ring off the hook,” Hudson says he came to terms with what needed to happen next; given the statements made by Kate and Oliver, despite what he says were continuous attempts to reach out to them over the years, he needed to cut all ties with them and move forward with his life. His voice reportedly breaking as he said it, the man went on to state that he now associates himself with having only three children, and that he does not recognize Kate and Oliver as his own from this point forward. This is the manner in which Hudson disowned his children Kate and Oliver, in a shocking new interview that recently took place.


The Oregon native went even further, telling The Daily Mail that it is his wish that the two celebrities cease using his surname immediately, as “They are no longer a part of [his] life.” He referred to his son’s Instagram post as a “malicious, vicious, premeditated attack,” insisting that both Oliver and Kate are “dead” to him at this point, and that he is “mourning their loss even though they are still walking this earth.”

In regards to his ex-wife Hawn’s involvement in this matter, Hudson accuses the 69-year-old of having “poisoned” his relationship with the children. He claims that the actress did not use to ever refer to their post-marriage relationship as negative or sour in any way, but everything allegedly changed when new partner Russell came along. At that point, the musician says his former spouse began being vindictive and spiteful for no reason, and putting ideas in the children’s heads that he abandoned them following the divorce. Hudson says Hawn made Russel out to be the hero who came to take care of them and raise them as his own, something he feels was completely uncalled for and cruel given the involvement he says he tried to have in their life post-split. It is for this reason, he says, his union with Kate and Oliver was irreparably tarnished even before the aforementioned Father’s Day social media incident.

Kate and Oliver Hudson have not yet responded to their father Bill’s statement of disowning them, which he made in a shocking new interview with The Daily Mail on Sunday, June 28. The pair, however, seem to be enjoying life just fine with their step-father Kurt Russell. However; whether or not their birth father’s demand that they drop his surname from usage will affect their careers, or if they will even agree to it, is still up in the air.

Written and Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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