Record Is Set Straight on Joni Mitchell’s Condition

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Rumors have been spreading about Joni Mitchell since the singer suffered a brain aneurysm. One of the rumors spreading is that the singer is in a coma and has been since falling ill. Another rumor is that the folk legend is unable to speak due to the nature of her condition. Her legal guardian has denied rumors that Mitchell is unable to speak and has been determined to set the record straight. Mitchell’s guardian, Leslie Morris, stated that the singer did suffer an aneurysm but added that there has been a lot of speculation going on regarding the nature of her condition.

Morris said that Mitchell is at home and resting and should make a full recovery. The singer is also said to be speaking and doing well at it. She is not walking at the moment but is undergoing therapy to help in that regard. Mitchell’s friend, singer David Crosby, mentioned that on Saturday things looked bleak in that the singer was not speaking then, at least to his knowledge. He said that she took a big hit when she was hospitalized in March for the aneurysm. He hopes that the 71-year-old singer will soon be on the mend.

Morris noticed all of the speculation that was going on and is happy that the record is set straight on Joni Mitchell’s condition. She wanted to release an official statement clarifying things for her fans. So much hearsay was going on that she felt it was her responsibility as guardian and someone close to the singer to make the public aware of what was really going on. Mitchell

Crosby had said in a previous interview that it took a while for anyone to find the singer following the aneurysm, so he felt that it would probably take some time for her to recover. He added that you cannot just bounce back from a traumatic brain injury. It will be a struggle just as anyone else struggles when they go through an ordeal this severe. In April, the singer, who was found unconscious in her home in March, was said to be alert and with her full senses functioning properly. The recent update about her speaking definitely shows that she is making progress in her condition.

Crosby spoke of how tough the musical artist is and how if anyone could pull through it would be her. He called her the greatest singer and songwriter who is currently living and said that her only competition for that title would be in the form of Bob Dylan, another phenomenal singer and songwriter. Crosby has kept updated on the folk legend’s condition but has not actually spoken with her since the incident. The two dated briefly in 1967 and have remained close friends ever since.

In early May, Mitchell was reported as being unable to confer with doctors in regards to her long-term care or medical treatment. Her attorney suggested that a guardian be assigned to handle her affairs. Mitchell’s friend of over forty years, Leslie Morris, was placed in charge of the singer’s care and treatment and all major decisions. Despite Mitchell’s recent progress, Morris has remained in control and will stay in that position until a judge and healthcare professionals deem Mitchell fully capable.

Morris has made sure that the record is set straight regarding Joni Mitchell’s condition and intends to keep the public updated on her status. She is confident that the singer will make a full recovery despite all that she has been through. Crosby called the folk legend the toughest and smartest woman he has ever known. Like Morris, he feels that she will pull through, according to the Ottawa Sun. The singer is currently at home and doing well and doctors are optimistic as well.

By Heather Granruth


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