Kurt Cobain’s Death Sparks New Investigation, Murder Suspected

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Kurt Cobain’s death has sparked a new investigation, over 21 years after the singer’s death, with the possibility of him having been murdered being the focus. A Seattle police chief reportedly believes that the matter should be reopened, and that this idea should be thoroughly examined. This is a theory that has been passed around by mourning fans since the man’s suicide, but had never had the possibility of being officially looked at until now.

The reason for law enforcement’s new interest in this possibility lies with a recently released documentary on the rock star’s short life, entitled Soaked in Bleach. It was directed by Benjamin Statler, and produced with the help of Donnie Eichar and Richard Middleton. Playing the lead role of Cobain is Tyler Bryan, Courtney Love is portrayed by Sarah Scott and Dylan Carlson by August Emerson. It surrounds the aforementioned heavily speculated theory that the 27-year-old did not actually decide to take his own life, but rather had the decision made for him by someone else who did not want him around anymore.

The story is told through the perspective of private investigator Tom Grant, who Love (Cobain’s wife at the time of his death) hired to look into the matter following its occurrence. Grant is played by Daniel Roebuck. The documentary features archive footage of interviews as well as insight into what the singer’s final days were like, in order to better examine if things were not exactly as they seemed in terms of his death. Carlson was the individual who purchased the shotgun Cobain allegedly used to kill himself.


Norm Stamper was the Seattle police chief at the time of the Come As You Are hit-maker’s death and, in the aforementioned documentary, expressed his regret at how Seattle PD handled the matter. He went on to state his belief that the matter should be reopened. Cobain’s death sparks a new investigation, with murder being suspected this time around.

Cobain’s widow was very upset at the release of the documentary, and filed a cease and desist following it having come out. She referred to the film as “defamatory” and demanded that it be pulled from all platforms immediately. A spokesperson for the movie gave their opinion that Love is only protesting the documentary’s release because she is worried they might actually have a case, and it is not a possibility they feel she wants to deal with.

The Aberdeen native’s body was discovered on April 8, 1994 at his home on Lake Washington Blvd. The electrician that found him reportedly thought Cobain was simply asleep, due to there being no visible indication of trauma aside from a small amount of blood coming from his ear; however, it was only moments later that he noticed the shotgun pointed at the singer’s chin. Coroners estimated that Cobain’s death occurred on April 5, three days before he was located.

Kurt Cobain’s death is sparking a possible new investigation into the actual reason he died, with the possibility of murder now being suspected. There are many, including Courtney Love, who are against this idea, and are fighting to keep it from happening.

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