First Heat Wave of the Year Arrives This Weekend for D.C.

heatA heat wave is heading for D.C. Thursday, June 11. D.C. will be experiencing highs in the 90’s but the humidity will make if feel like 100 degrees Friday and Saturday. This weekend will be when the first heat wave of the year arrives for D.C.

A few places will come close to record breaking temperatures.

  • Dulles could come close to its record 93 degrees that was reached in 2000.
  • Reagan National, Dulles and BWI airports on Friday may graze their record highs of 95 degrees in 2002 at Reagan National, 96 degrees in 1986 at Dulles and also 96 degrees in 1986 at BWI.
  • Saturday’s temperatures will probably be safe from breaking any records, except Dulles’ record of 94 degrees in 1994 may be broken.
  • It will be the hottest and most humid three days of 2015 for D.C., so far.
  • May 30 to June 1, Reagan National had a heat wave, but the highs only got up to 90 degrees. Reagan National had highs of 90, 92, and 92 degrees, respectively, and on those same three days temperatures were only in the 80’s in the suburbs
  • Dulles has not reached 90 degrees yet this year, however, Reagan National Airport has hit 90 degrees eight times so far this year.

Friday and Saturday will be the worst part of the heat wave because not only will the temperature be high, the humidity will also be very high. Friday dew points will be in the low-to-mid 70’s so temperatures will feel hotter than the thermometer will read.

Saturday night, a cold front will come through the area dropping the temperatures into Sunday and bringing thunderstorms. However, there are signs of more sticky weather ahead. Wednesday, the forecast is saying it will get hot and humid again.


Beaches on the Eastern Shore will have highs in the 80’s. Water temperatures will be in the higher 60’s and low 70’s. The first heat wave of the year arrives this weekend for D.C., so the beach might be the place to spend time, although, there are predicted storms throughout the weekend.

June 11, D.C. is not bad, according to Accuweather. It is sunny and warm with the highs in the upper 80’s to low 90’s. The evening is expected to be mostly clear with lows in the mid 60’s to low 70’s. Thursday will be mostly sunny and hot. There may be some thunderstorms in the evening but during the day it will be in the 90’s.

However, the mini heat wave that has been forecasted for Thursday through Saturday is the first one of the year. The heat index could get close to 100 degrees. There may be a few small storms that could lower the temperatures on Friday and Saturday. The Sunday forecast is not clear to meteorologists yet, according to the Washington Post.

Thursday night, D.C. residents, may experience a thunderstorm in the evening, however, it will be a muggy night, even though the temperatures will be in the 70’s the humidity will be high and there will not be any breeze.


There will be a cold front coming into D.C. Saturday and if that cold front moves through to the south, Sunday will have lower humidity and cooler temperatures in the 80’s. However, if the cold front slows in the north, which is common this time of year, there will be highs close to 90 with moderate humidity. Moderate humidity is expected after the arrival of the first heat wave of the year, for D.C.

By Jeanette Smith


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