‘Dark Matter’ Explores Space Amnesia and Secrets

Dark Matter

Dark Matter

Dark Matter‘ portrays an interesting scenario of a group of people who wake up with no idea who they are, why they are floating in space, and where their apparent deadly super skills arose from. The series is based on a comic written by Joe Mallozzi that was originally created for television, but was also picked up by Dark Horse Comics and released as a comic strip. Joe Mallozi also wrote the premiering television series and he was also a writer for the Star-gate series. ‘Dark Matter‘ follows the hijinx of a team of six humans and one android who, as they find out later in the show, are assassins and pirates who have been sentenced to amnesiac space stasis for the time being by a mysterious corporation, or as the show calls it a ‘Multicorp.’

Dark Matter‘ and its ensuing space exploration and team of super secret agents takes place in the distance future, aboard a spacecraft floating among planets unknown to the current Milky Way Galaxy. The characters are aptly named One through Six in the order of when they awoke from their suspended animation. Each character fulfills the standard Sci-fi archetypes. The leader and good guy, his female counterpart, the ‘Han Solo’ type or the thief with a heart of gold, the technical expert who can connect the right color wires together, the demolition and weapons expert, the macho guy, and the robot side-kick.

After the crew awakens aboard the mysterious ship named the Phantom Class Marauder they are attacked by another strange ship and quickly escorted into light speed, with the help of the android. The series is a journey of both inner and outer exploration, as the crew encounters various characters in their travels through space, while simultaneously trying to figure out their own true identities and purpose.

In the grand tradition of science fiction, ‘Dark Matter‘ and its amnesiac team of super-skilled space travelers explores the current societal issue and fear of corporations controlling everything. The group of nameless assassins must decide ultimately whether to serve the ones they are apparently tied to – a Multicorp – or to help the planets and people they have been sent to disrupt, in order to make it easier for said Multicorp to move in and exploit the planets or people’s resources. The series ‘Dark Matter’ also explores the eternal philosophical question of predestination versus free will, as the team of would-be assassins aboard the star ship must ultimately decide to serve their own moral compass, or to be loyal to the Multicorp who has provided them with their talents, weapon’s, and technical knowledge and know how. The series is set to air on Friday nights at 10pm ET.

The show premiered on June 12, to mixed reviews. Some fans and critics hailed it as the next great space opera while others were woefully unimpressed, stating that the series was unoriginal and recalled too many other Sci-fi classics of the past, including Lost In Space and Battlestar Galactica. According to Joe Malozzi, the comic series was admittedly inspired by other epic stories of intrigue and science fiction, including ‘The Shield’ and ‘The Dirty Dozen‘. The series is set to air on Friday nights at 10pm ET for 13 consecutive weeks. The cast of ‘Dark Matter‘ features Melissa O’Neil (Broadway production of Jesus Christ Superstar) , Marc Bendavid (Man v. Minivan), Anthony Lemke (American Psycho), Alex Mallari Jr (Robocop), Jodelle Ferland (Mermaid), Roger Cross (X-Men 2) and Zoei Palmer (Out of the Ashes).

By Stephanie Butler

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Image Courtesy of NASA’s Goddard Space Flight Center Photostream  – Creative Commons License

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