Detroit Mom Who Beat and Froze Children to Death Confesses to Horrific Murder

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murderOn Monday, a Detroit mother of two confessed to the murder of her children after they were found dead in her freezer after they had been apparently beaten and frozen to death. The mother, Mitchelle Blair, has been facing murder charges since the children were found in March.

The local prosecution office stated Blair is currently charged with child abuse and two counts of, “felony murder, first-degree premeditated murder, and felony counts of torture,”  for the gruesome deaths of Stoni Blair and Stephen Blair. According to the Wayne County Medical examiner’s Officer, the two children died from, “blunt force trauma and thermal injuries.”

Although the Blair children were confirmed dead before the autopsy on March 24, 2015, examiners believe the children had been dead for at least two years. They state the actual time of death may have been when Stoni was 13, and Stephen was nine. The children were found just last week after local authorities were performing an eviction of Blair. After searching through the apartment, officers stumbled upon the horrific scene.

By Alex Lemieux


Detroit Free Press: Mom of children found in freezer charged with murder

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