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Escaped Convict Richard Matt Shot and Killed by Police


mattMALONE, N.Y.–According to breaking news reports, New York State Police have shot and killed one of the fugitives, Richard W. Matt, after pursuing the escape convict to the northern town of Malone, New York, not far from Canada. The State police have intimated to reporters that the chase occurred after Matt attempted to carjack an unidentified motorist. Matt was killed in Franklin County, NY.

Over the course of the 21 day manhunt, law enforcement believed that the escapees would make mistakes that would lead to their capture. Reports say that police had received information indicating that the fugitives were heading for the Canadian border. Police spokesman, Major Charles Guess indicated that investigators had been tracking the the two convicts through towns and hamlets in northern New York. Then came a tip from a man that saw an open liquor bottle in a hunting cabin in Malone. Police had been inundated with more than twentyfour hundred of tips. Nevertheless, the hunting cabin tip appears to have paid off.

There appears to be another report suggesting that a 2nd gunfire incident surrounding the pursuit of the remaining escapee, David Sweat.

By DiMarkco Chandler