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Whole Foods Market Customers Enraged After Allegations of Extreme Rip-Off Arise


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Customers of Whole Foods Markets in New York City have become enraged after allegations of an extreme rip-off on the company’s part arise. NYC’s Department of Consumer Affairs (DCA) is claiming that, as a result of an investigation conducted in Fall 2014, they have come to the conclusion that an abundance of product labels that listed the incorrect weight of an item ended up with customers being sometimes grossly overcharged for the packaged items they were choosing to purchase.

Reports have stated that the alleged overcharging ranged from less than a dollar to well over 10. The lowest amount was 80 cents, while the highest was over $14. A total of 80 prepackaged foods were tested during the investigation with items being sold throughout the city’s Whole Foods Market locations; at the time, eight stores were up and running, and since the time another is said to have been opened. They are, as a result of the investigation, being fined almost $800,000 for the alleged overcharging. Management has since denied these claims, insisting they did nothing of the sort and are looking to reestablish their name’s formerly good reputation once more.

The public, however, are not in belief of this statement. Indeed, the social media backlash regarding the matter was astounding to say the least. Furious customers have taken to the company’s Facebook page to voice their discontent, and they did not hold back in the slightest in terms of the words used and insults hurled. Whole Foods Market customers were extremely enraged after allegations of extreme rip-off were reported to arise.

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One individual referred to Whole Foods Market as “deplorable” and said they would never shop there again. They finished their rant by suggesting that the company perhaps take a hint from Trader Joes. Another expressed extreme disappointment in the company’s management, and also said they were making the move to another store. They also gave the opinion that, “The mantra that a visit to Whole Foods means a loss of your whole paycheck is true.” Others blasted the chain for its motto of “responsibly grown,” accusing the company of faking this to the max in terms of their recent mislabelling of products. Conventially-grown products are said to be more highly favored by the chain over organic foods.

Whole Foods Markets did not take this abuse lying down. In fact, management took to the chain’s official Facebook page to respond to all the negative feedback they received due to the allegations of overcharging. They thanked users for their comments and suggestions, but went on to ask that everybody be respectful of one another in terms of foul language, post spamming, and the like. This, however, only made things worse. Users continued to rally against the company, informing them that if they did not want shoppers to be angry and retaliate, they should not exhibit such poor business practices as “ripping people off.”

The investigation against Whole Foods Markets, which left millions of customers enraged regarding the allegations of extreme rip-off which have arisen, remains ongoing. The company remains adamant they had no involvement in this whatsoever, and that the claims are false.

Written and Edited By Chanel van der Woodsen


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