Florida Walmart Shut Down Due to Bomb Scare



A Walmart in Jacksonville, Florida was shut down today (June 13) due to a bomb scare, via a suitcase left in a shopping cart in the store’s parking lot. Although nothing came of the suspicion, the area in question was subject to a mandatory evacuation for several hours upon the item in question being discovered.

At around four in the afternoon, police said that they received a call giving them details about the deserted suitcase. Upon the Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office’s arriving on the scene, they made the decision to air on the side of caution and evacuate the Florida shopping center. This occurred at around 6pm, when everyone was forced to leave the mall. According to authorities, customers were given the opportunity to stay and shop, but they would be locked in after the evacuation deadline occurred. The Florida Walmart was shut down due to the aforementioned bomb scare, in order to give authorities the chance to better investigate the situation.

Upon inspection of the suspicious suitcase, it was discovered that there was only miscellaneous papers inside. Even though there was no bomb, or any other kind of security threat, JSO authorities have since stated that they did what was necessary to protect the safety of everyone involved. Shutting down the Florida Walmart due to the potential bomb scare was what they felt they needed to do, in order to cover all the basis in terms of security, and an official gave the statement that this is what they are trained to do in these kind of situations.

By Chanel van der Woodsen


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Photo Courtesy of Mike Mozart’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License