‘Dark Matter’ Explodes Everywhere

Dark Matter

Dark Matter
Dark Matter’, a supposedly hypothetical kind of matter that even telescopes cannot see, has actually exploded everywhere on the Syfy Network, last night. The much-anticipated television show had most of the Syfy world, glued to their sets for the unfolding of this mystery.

From the creators Joseph Mallozzi, Paul Mullie, and Natalie Rachel Cooper comes a series where six people are placed on board a space ship in the far reaches of outer space. Though the mystery behind everything is that no one on the ship knows where they are, where they are going, and the kicker who they are. Now awaken from a state of stasis, the characters of the show seek to answer the questions that is on every person’s lips.

The six person crew decided to label themselves by numbers according to when each of them woke up. It starts with one taking the image of a leader, two the strong woman, three the seemingly mentally ill guy, number four the girl with the dyed hair, five being the one who seems handy with weapons and number six the muscular guy. In the series’ trailer, a small hint to why their memories have been erased was given, which is within the lines that all of the characters are somewhat dangerous. Along with the six members of the spacecraft comes a female android who becomes a threat to the group, only to have her memory erased. The first episode of ‘Dark Matter’ exploded into the air everywhere with so much vim and vigor that the result of capturing a strong audience could have only been the logical outcome.

Dark MatterTalking with Mallozzi the creator of the show and also the creator of the epic series ‘Stargate’ shared that the new series will be riddled with so many twists, turns and surprise that it could not be talked about in much detail. He went on to say that he thinks society should be showed in a “big-picture sensibility” where issues are showed. Giving a hint to what the show might have, Mallozzi said that he likes issues that a much bigger in scale like redemption. Mallozzi credited his writing partner Paul Mullie who is co-creator of the show and also that of Stargate. He said that in creating he would label himself as the idea guy and Mullie as the one with the logic.

The end of the first episode was so engaging, with the crew of six learning a little bit about themselves and more importantly the fact of them being murderers, adds a big suspense factor to the series. The show airs on the Syfy network at 10p.m. ET, 9 p.m. CT, or 7 p.m PFT on Friday nights. The cast of the show has brought together some experienced actors in that of Melissa O’Neil who acted in the Broadway production of Les Miserables, and Marc Bendavid who acted  the series Bitten, along with Degrassi: The Next Generation. In addition there is Anthony Lemke who worked as Captain Hutton in the movie White House Down, Alex Mallari Jr. who acted in RoboCop, and Jodelle Ferland from the Twilight series. Lastly, Roger Cross from X-Men, the 24 series, and CW series Arrow, followed by Zoie Palmer from the series Lost Girl. ‘Dark Matter’ gives the notion that it may explode out of the lips of everyone everywhere, seeming to become a phenomenon to be reckoned with in the television world.

By Andrew Joseph


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