Hampton Police Assisting in Homicide Investigation of Serial Killer William Devin Howell

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howellOn Thursday morning, Hampton Police in Virginia announced they will be assisting in a homicide investigation of accused Connecticut serial killer William Devin Howell. According to the Hampton police Twitter feed, authorities are closing off a section of Weaver Road to assist New Haven, Connecticut, detectives in serving a search warrant on a house where Howell was said to have lived in 2000 at 100 Gumwood Drive.

Hampton Police also tweeted that a portion of road between Gumwood and Hickory Hill will be closed until further notice. All drivers and passersby are to use an alternate route.

Howell is said by investigators to be in connection with the murders of at least seven people. The remains of the deceased were found behind a New Haven shopping center.

According to local reports, a cousin of Howell’s still resides in the area, and stated the killer attended Bethel High School in Hampton. Howell was arrested in 2005.

Currently, Suffolk Police and the FBI are on scene. Sargent Price with the Suffolk Police stated their forensic units are assisting the FBI, New Haven and Hampton Police. Depending upon the evidence found during the search, jurisdiction could fall to any of the four departments.

By Alex Lemieux


WAVY 10: Hampton police assisting New Haven detectives with homicide investigation

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