Kim Kardashian Gifts Kanye West the Staples Center

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The Kardashian “Kash” bomb strikes again!  From risqué photo shoots to adorning tabloids with daughter, North West, Kim Kardashian spares no expense in gifting the Staples Center, the Lakers, and the Clippers’ home stadium to her hubby, Kanye West, for his birthday. The famed rapper and producer turned fashion designer, infamous for his controversial remarks and outlandish award show antics, was treated like basketball royalty as he turned 38 on Monday.

It is one thing to be VIP at a game; an elaborately decorated box view with a few close celebrity friends and a buffet style of alcohol for one to party the night away with, but renting out the entire Staples Center?! Is that going just a bit too above and beyond the call of wifely duties? Complete with “West” styled uniforms the $110,000 gift came stocked with an even more impressive list of guests. NBA stars Russell Westbrook, John Wall, and Dorell Wright were all in attendance alongside entertainment comrades like singer Justin Bieber and Hip-Hop family Tyga and Pusha T.

Coaching the birthday faux basketball game was Houston Rockets shooting guard, James Harden, and fellow Hip-Hop celeb, 2 Chainz. Former NBA player turned commentator, John Salley, lent his talents for announcing while long-time friend and co-worker, John Legend, was present to belt out a soul filled National Anthem. Was BFF’s wife-friend, Beyoncé, not available? #SHADE

KardashianIt is no secret that the Kardashian name comes with ample amounts of “show-boating”, but Kim must receive the hashtag title of #WifeyOf TheYear for gifting the entire Staples Center stadium, just to wish Kanye West, her “better” half, a celebrity happy birthday.

With so much Kardashian/West news circulating around the two being pregnant with their second child – for every North there is a South – it is surprising to most that the media phenom had the time to pull this whole thing off. Although, many might find it hard to believe that she did not simply hire someone to do the majority of the work for her. After all, she has manicure’s and pedicure’s to attend to!

If a star-studded guest list, an A-list national anthem, and a national renown stadium was not enough, the voluptuous socialite hired actual NBA referees and called on some cheerful Laker girls to make the basketball birthday complete. In addition, NBA superstar Kobe Bryant, NBA legend and businessman extraordinaire, Magic Johnson, along with Carmelo Anthony, Scottie Pippen, and the famed Shaquille O’Neal helped to make Kardashian’s surprise even larger by creating videos that were played during the game.

With a host of negative articles, news feeds, blogs, tabloids, and twitter rumors and scandals, these two continue to show just how diligent they are in keeping up with their love for one another. Though many fans predicted that it would never last, least of all to see them considering baby number two, they continue to garner much support. We still love to hate Kanye’s ill-fitted antics, his controversial (and drab like) clothing line, his racy lyrical content, and not to mention his latest honorary Ph.D debacle, but to see Kim Kardashian bring a smile to Kanye West’s (often frowning) face by giving the gift of the Staples Center, in honor of his birthday, definitely makes fans happy. Social media fans are surely in agreement for hashtagging this moment as #Winning for Kim Kardashian and Kanye West!

Opinion By Danyol Jaye

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