‘Lucifer’ Already Receiving Negative Reviews [Video]

LuciferNot even Fall yet and FOX’s latest drama Lucifer is already receiving some negative press. The comic book turned primetime show is already starting a bit of negativity from a surprising source. According to recent reports, American Family Association’s One Million Moms started a campaign to boycott the show for multiple reasons.

LuciferThe Christian-based organization believes that Lucifer is a false representation of the Bible’s teachings. The group also believes that the upcoming show ‘mischaracterizes’ Satan as an anti-hero, rather than the fire and brimstone ruler of Hell and mocks the teachings of Christianity. One Million Moms has already started a petition for FOX’s comic book show to be taking off the air, made public on their official website. As a surprise to no one, this is not the first time that the group has petitioned for a work of fiction to be boycotted.

For a group that was founded on the basis of Christianity and the teachings of the Bible, they seem to have a lot of reservations about artistic freedom and free speech. Already branded as a ‘hate group’ by the Southern Poverty Law Center, the Million Moms organization are already well-known for their negative reviews of gay rights and gay public figures. The group has complained about gay superhero marriage in comics, called for the boycott of gothic comic series Sandman for their inclusion of a LGBT characters, and even called for the firing of well-known lesbian talk show host Ellen to be fired from her own daytime television show. Clearly it seems that the group remains open-minded, as long as it falls under their categories of what is appropriate for American’s.

Although the petition is still going strong, FOX has no plans to take the show off the air before its premiere. Lucifer‘s creator, Neil Gaiman has already expressed his disdain at the hypocrisy of the petition and negative press. Gaiman took to his Tumblr to mention no surprise that Million Moms would have a problem with the show. He further went on to discuss their call for a boycott of his other comic book series Sandman that contained gay, lesbian, or transgender characters. Gaiman also went on to mock that their petition in 1991 for the end of the Sandman comic was futile proved futile then and this coming petition is just as pointless.

LuciferThe upcoming series Lucifer is based loosely off the source material. In the DC comic affiliated Vertigo series, the protagonist Lucifer retires from his throne in Hell to become a piano-bar owner alongside his demoness companion Mazikeen. The series focused on multiple one-shots of Lucifer that further delved into his psyche about rebelling against the tyrannical rule of God and the complex of free-will. the comic series ran for 75 issues and met its end in June 2006. In contrast, the series did not receive any negative reviews.

Similar to the comic book, the series focuses on a forever rebellious Lucifer who abandons his rule in Hell for a semi-normal life in the city of angels. Played by British-actor Tom Ellis, Lucifer is embracing his retirement until he witnesses a brutal murder of one of his suspects outside the nightclub Lux. In a moment of newly found conscience and reform in almost ten billion years, he is confused about these emotions. Fueled by a need to seek justice, the fallen angel ends up pairing with a lead detective (played by Lauren German) to find the culprits responsible for the murder.

No word yet on whether FOX is planning to pull the plug on the upcoming series. Thought the Million Moms organization may already be petitioning and giving the show negative reviews, only time and rating will tell the show’s future.

By Tyler Cole


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  1. Person   February 2, 2016 at 7:56 pm

    Personally, I’m not a big fan of the show but I’m not calling it quits just yet.
    The thing that does it in for me the most is the writing, I think. Every single line that comes out of Lucifers mouth is REALLY DESPERATELY trying to remind you of how he’s the devil. I think the show can do without all the Hell and Devil quips, which really aren’t even that witty. So on top of this show offending weird Christians, the writing itself is just desperate and disappointing. If this show actually finishes one season there’s no way they’re going to make it to a second season. What a shame.


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