Marijuana Coffee Takes Getting a Morning Fix to a Whole New Level

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marijuana coffee

Marijuana coffee is all the rage right now and making headlines, even being dubbed as wake and bake. Alternet mentioned that it appeals to those who want their morning coffee with a little buzz involved. This new marijuana coffee is truly taking the act of getting a morning fix to a whole new level. Several companies are getting in on the action of helping to appeal to America’s interest in both coffee and marijuana.

Fast Company said that so far, this new kind of coffee hails from either Los Angeles, California or Seattle, where purchasing would be considered legal. So far, the product has been successful and drums up business for the stores that sell it due to the large number of curious consumers. House of Jane, which is also known as Jane’s Brew, sells cannabis-infused products including marijuana coffee. This company began in California and will soon be expanding into other locations including Las Vegas, Nevada. Franchising even further is the company mission.

House of Jane’s products’ are supposed to aid in stress and pain relief, as Refinery 29 put it. The key is for the consumer to mellow out. A person has the option of caffeinated or decaffeinated coffee, just as they would with normal coffee. There is just the added buzz involved. Alternet said that with this brand, one can even choose the dosage that they want to meet their needs. The choices relate to whether a person wants to be focused and alert or relaxed and mellow. This new marijuana coffee is becoming a sensation and taking ‘the morning fix’ to a whole new level. marijuana coffee

Los Angeles company Compelling & Rich now offers a beverage for those who enjoy the taste of coffee infused with weed, but do not want to actually get high off of it. Fairwinds Manufacturing, which is located in Washington state, produces a line of cannabis coffee by the name of Catapult Cannabis Coffee and according to Alternet, the coffee is not cheap. The pods go for $10 each and they fit cartridge-based coffeemakers. The more conventionally packaged marijuana coffee by Fairwinds tends to run at a cheaper price.

James Hull of Fairwinds stated that their line of marijuana coffee can give a person the high that they seek, while also providing a great taste. Hull also mentioned that the demand is great for this type of coffee and the customers keep rolling in. The owner of Compelling & Rich added that his servers crash at the end of each day due to the large amount of requests for the product. The public is curious about this new sensation, and eager to try it out.

Refinery 29 stated that it is only a matter of time before marijuana finds its way into other products as well. Marijuana coffee is supposedly only the beginning; this coffee is becoming a topic of interest, and the more that people hear about it the more they want to sample it. As the popularity of it grows, the demand for additional marijuana-laced products may increase as well. The article said that more than half of Americans think that the drug will be legalized all throughout the United States, as opposed to just certain locations as it is now, within two decades or so.

The combination of coffee and marijuana has the power to increase the overall high a person can experience, according to The Daily Mail. Studies have shown a link between the two and how people are affected differently depending on their tolerance to both. Coffee and marijuana were dubbed America’s two favorite drugs, and it was pointed out how people’s passion for both increases over time. Putting both together can give the people two things that they desire all in one. This hot new product grows more and more popular as time goes on, and takes the morning fix to a brand new level.

By Heather Granruth

Edited by Chanel van der Woodsen


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