Microsoft Corporation Now Offering Office on Android

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microsoft corporationMicrosoft Corporation originally only offered a preview of Office software on their Android platform; however, now they have listened to the loyal users and have rolled out the full package for the mobile device. Users can now download Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint from Google’s Play app store to experience quicker, easier loading and editing of documents on the go.

Kirk Koenigsbauer, Corporate Vice President for Microsoft Corporation’s Office Team, stated on Wednesday that he was pleased with the new and improved availability of all aspects of Office software. Moreover, he explained that the applications were expected to give the user a much broader platform than the previous experience with the software’s preview.

During the Office preview period, Microsoft Corporation was able to collect feedback from consumers, allowing for a better starting point for app upgrades and other incorporated improvements. Therefore, the characteristics that were most enjoyed were improved and set to be accessed by a wider range users. Though, only users in select countries will have access to the new software.

As well, it is important to mention that Android users will need a minimum of 1GB on the OS version 4.4 Kitkat to download Office. Considering the huge software requirement, the app will be used by a smaller fraction of the Android community, but it will allow people to create and edit larger documents and spreadsheets on the fly.

The new direction in which Microsoft Corporation is heading is to expand their current desktop and tablet tech to mobile devices. One of the main aspects of this is their attempt to get users to subscribe for Office 365, their cloud-based storage. The first debut of the software on Office application was in May, and it required users to sign in to their Office account to take a test run of the new features.

Experts in the tech industry claim that by Microsoft Corporation releasing their full-bodied Office on Android and Apple’s iOS platform, it shows that the company is drifting away from its usual business practice. In the past, Office was exclusive to Microsoft Corporation and all platforms thereof. Though, only partial editions and previews were available to Apple iOS and others, but now third-party platforms are getting a glimpse of what the company has to offer to the competition.

Under the tutelage of new CEO Satya Nadella, the tech giant is beginning to expand more through its cloud services, more so than mobile. There is no surprise then with the company’s new move – software is now becoming available to a much broader band of potential users.

Such a bold move by Microsoft Corporation has some wondering with delight to see Office integrate with Google Drive and other third party apps. Considering the tech company only really has a small share of the mobile market, Nadella is making a good move to tap into the Android and iOS market to increase its growth quickly by offering Office on the Android, possibly soon to come to users of other devices.

By Alex Lemieux


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