NASA’s Bizarre Move of Cutting Live Feed to ISS After UFO Spotted Leaving Earth [Video]


In what can only be regarded as a bizarre move, NASA recently cut the signal for the live feed to the International Space Station (ISS) after three unidentified flying objects (UFO) were spotted leaving the Earth’s atmosphere. The images of the UFOs flying by, were captured by the camera on the ISS and a video of the sighting was shared on YouTube. This sighting comes days after a similar UFO sighting in India, in which a boy unknowingly clicked images of the UFO while taking random photos of clouds. Apart from this, on June 28, 2015, NASA informed about the failure of the launch of SpaceX Capsule which was headed to the ISS with tons of cargo. It was stated that the rocket of SpaceX Dragon capsule apparently exploded within minutes after its take off at Cape Canaveral, Florida.

The video shows three UFOs leaving the Earth just before NASA’s live feed signal to ISS was cut abruptly. Many people are now questioning the agency about this move. This is one of the many videos which are claimed to be evidence of UFO sightings and extraterrestrial life. The footage pans out like other videos when NASA has abruptly cut the live camera feed after the UFO is spotted, which has been the same kind of bizarre move by the agency. Just moments after the objects are seen shooting into space from Earth, the signal was cut and an error message was displayed. Some have also suggested that it is a part of an extremely secret government program.

NASAIt has also been suggested by many individuals on social media that the video provides more evidence about NASA’s efforts to cover up the existence of extraterrestrials. The sudden loss of the signal after the UFOs were spotted is considered to be very suspicious. However, many have suggested that the images could also have been of other satellites currently orbiting our planet and the live feed from ISS might have developed a technical glitch at that exact moment. The authenticity of the video has also been questioned by many.

As mentioned, this is not the first time that the space agency has been accused of abruptly cutting the live feed or videos within moments of spotting a UFO. In the month of January, a UFO was spotted on the live feed of ISS and once it started elevating into space above the Earth’s horizon, NASA’s signal was cut off. All this could be a coincidence, but many individuals on social media and UFO hunters have suggested otherwise. Some have stated that the video has caught the UFOs or extraterrestrials red-handed leaving the Earth’s atmosphere.

The three lights rising above the Earth’s atmosphere are quite visible in the video. However, the moment these lights are seen racing towards space, the camera feed is cut and the message of ‘Please stand by’ is shown. The message further reads that either NASA was experiencing a temporary loss of signal with the ISS or the High Definition Earth Viewing experiment was switching cameras. The footage showing three UFOs racing into space has gone viral on YouTube.

NASA has not provided any further explanation about its bizarre move of cutting the live feed from ISS or about the curious lights which are claimed to be UFOs. Many media reports have laughed off the incident and suggested that the video on YouTube was doctored or the unexplained objects were merely a trick of the light. Reports about the incident have also suggested that the UFO sighting, as suggested by many, is simply a distorted view of the moon because of NASA’s poor quality camera.

By Ankur Sinha

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