South Carolina Church Shooter’s Old Friend Says He Was Not Racist

South Carolina Church

Caleb Brown, a childhood friend of Dylann Roof, the young man convicted of killing nine people during a church service in South Carolina, says Roof was not a bad person. The young Brown recalls that Roof’s upbringing was void of any hatred or racial teaching and says that the man who shot those nine victims is a completely different person than the boy he grew up with. The South Carolina church shooter’s old friend says he was not racist.

Roof was convicted for shooting unsuspecting victims during a bible study at the Emanuel AME Church and Brown reports that he was shocked to hear such news. Brown tells CBS news that Roof never said one derogatory or racist thing to him in the time they were friends. If, in fact, he had, Brown says, “…we would have not been friends.” The South Carolina church was a staple in the black community but yet and still the shooters old friend denies that Roof could do such a thing, saying he was not a racist. 

The young man recalls Roof to be a happy kid. Brown says the young shooters parents did not raise him to be a hateful person while contributing that Roof’s mother is still one of the greatest people that he has ever gotten to know. Brown eludes that if there was such a drastic change, which he believes to be true, then it was recent. It was not the cause of conditioning or upbring.

These new found recollections of the South Carolina church shooter’s old friend saying he is not a racist are in direct contrast to Joey Meek who was reported as saying that Roof had planned the entire shooting. Meek explains that Roof told him that it was because he was looking to start a war. Roof is currently being charged with possession of a weapon and nine counts of murder. Brown admits that it had been at least a year since he has seen Roof.

By Danyol Jaye

CBS News-Old friend’s surprising insight on alleged church shooter
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