Toddler Slammed to Ground, Five Fired


After the release of a video showing a toddler being slammed onto the ground while another worker picked up a toddler by her arms and legs and flung her about, the Apple Montessori School in Hoboken, New Jersey has fired five employees. Among those let go, three were teachers and the other two were officials. The video of the treatment of these children is disturbing and unforgivable.

Brett Stenhouse, the father of one of the girls seen being manhandled in the video, told NBC New York that he was told there had been an incident. He was not prepared for the incident to be so severe, Stenhouse said.

The video was reported to school officials last week, however, the owners of the preschool were not aware of the video until six days later. It was then that the owners immediately took action. The owners first fired the preschool director and assistant director for not handling this serious situation in an appropriate manner, as reported by


A teacher in the video struggled to put a hat on Stenhouse’s 23-month-old daughter slammed her to the ground to get the hat on the toddler and then left her there. Stenhouse was informed of the incident Wednesday, June 10.

The whistleblower who captured the incidents on camera took the video to the school, but she feared there might be a cover-up. That is why she shared the video on Facebook, according to NBC.

On June 11, a second video arrived at the school that showed more inappropriate handling of the toddlers by an employee. NBC reported that the employee in the video was already one of the five fired from the previous video, showing a toddler being slammed to the ground.

The Apple Montessori School gave a statement to parents. They announced their outrage concerning the lack of quality care shown by the now former employees. The school said that they will not tolerate this type of behavior in any way or for any reason. The school has also said that it would be putting into place new safety precautions to be sure that there is not an opportunity for this behavior to happen again.

Hoboken residents are outraged. This incident happened a month ago and now the school is firing people. The school’s reaction to the occurrence could have something to do with the video being shared on Facebook. The school’s owners claim they did not see the video until Wednesday, June 10.

Larry Sciancalepore, a Hoboken resident and educator of 43 years, said he was appalled that teachers would treat children in such a manner. Hoboken Councilman, Michael Russo’s child attends Apple Montessori School and he was demanding answers from the school. Councilman Russo had a conversation with the owners of the school and he believes that they are doing all they possibly can to ensure this horrible situation is not repeated.


There is another case in New Jersey that involves a toddler being slammed to the ground. This toddler was first hit with a towel and then slapped, before being thrown to the ground by her own mother.

In Jersey City, 42-year-old Lynnarose S. Servida removed her two-year-old daughter from her stroller and proceeded to throw the child to the ground, according to officials. Servida has been charged with child abuse. She also struck her toddler with a towel and then her open hand before she proceeded to pick up her toddler from the stroller and throw the toddler to the ground causing harm to her toddler, as stated in the criminal complaint.

The mistreatment of children is very unfortunate and it happens everywhere. These toddlers are little and unable to defend themselves. Justice for these children is being served. A toddler was slammed to the ground and five people were fired. It is not sure at this time if charges will be filed. Another toddler was slammed to the ground and her mother goes to jail.

By Jeanette Smith


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