Unidentified Man Shot and Killed by California Police

unidentified manOn Sunday, an unidentified man was shot and killed by an Azusa police officer in a residential neighborhood, according to local authorities. Azusa is located in the southeastern portion of Los Angeles County, California.

According to local law enforcement officials, the shooting occurred in the vicinity of the 400 block of East Lee Drive in Azusa on Sunday afternoon. Units from the Los Angeles County Fire Department were dispatched to scene after a call from an unknown party, stating there was a report of a man who had cut himself. When first responders arrived at the aftermath of the incident they came upon a man who was suffering from an apparent gunshot wound.

The identify of the man, including his race, age, and name has not been released by authorities. Moreover, the situation that led to the shooting of the unidentified man is currently unclear, according to the Azusa Police Department. It is unclear whether or not an investigation will be conducted to reveal any abuse by police.

In a statement released by officials from the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department, the unidentified man was taken to a nearby hospital after first responders tended to him on the scene, but was pronounced dead shortly after arrival. Many circumstances with shooting that led to the death of the man have yet to be analyzed.

By Alex Lemieux


NBC Los Angeles: Azusa Police Shoot, Kill Man

Photo Courtesy of ATOMIC Hot Links’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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