Ben Affleck, Garner Divorce Blamed on Margot Robbie Alleged Secret Affair?


Ben Affleck’s secret crush on Margot Robbie reportedly caused his marriage to crumble. According to new reports, Affleck and Jennifer Garner’s forthcoming divorce was more sided to the actor’s wrongdoings, particularly for the supposed fact that the Argo star has caught feelings for another actress.

Sources allege that Affleck has grown extremely close to Robbie, who is currently shooting Suicide Squad alongside Jennifer Lopez’s ex-fiance. It is said that the 42-year-old was mesmerized by Robbie after having seen her performance in Wolf of Wall Street, so that when it came time to shoot their movie together, Affleck allegedly made his move and formed a close friendship with the 25-year-old.

Several tabloids have claimed in the last week that Garner reportedly became fed up of having to babysit her husband who has reportedly been dealing with a gambling addiction for the longest time. Having splashed thousands of dollars per session, Affleck is also believed to have a wandering eye when it comes to the ladies, having often worried Garner that her partner’s flirtatious behaviour could eventually lead to something more.

Fortunately for her, while Affleck has allegedly caught feelings for Robbie, he had the decency and respect to make his moves after his divorce, knowing very well that having an affair behind his wife’s back could have immensely hurt his career. Suicide Squad will continue shooting its final scenes later this year as Affleck gears up to promote the forthcoming Batman flick in 2016. Fans predict that by the time Robbie’s film runs its promo tour, she will be walking the red carpet with the 42-year-old as a Hollywood couple.

For the time being, Affleck is on a much-needed vacation with his estranged wife in the Bahamas, having opted to get away from the drama surrounding their marriage in the press by taking their kids as far away as possible. The duo is supposedly waiting for the press to die down on their upcoming divorce before they return home — the trip to the Bahamas will not change anything, sources say. Garner and Affleck still want a divorce, but during this difficult time, their children are their main priority.

As for Robbie, she certainly knows how to keep herself in the headlines as it was only a year ago when she was believed to have made her moves on Jada Pinkett’s husband, Will Smith. The 25-year-old, who starred with Smith in the hit film Focus, was allegedly having an affair with this actor, too. Multiple magazines made the outrageous claims, reporting how Robbie and Smith were so close, even crew members on-set were convinced that the two were an item.

Whatever happened between the two clearly did not last since the actress is now being pursued by ready-to-mingle actor. It is unclear what is going to happen with Garner and her husband once they return from their vacation, but as stated before, the divorce is still moving forward. The couple’s attorneys are currently sorting out property shares, cars and estates, hoping to agree on a civilised ending to their ten-year marriage.

By Maurice Cassidy


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