Brooklyn Man Jailed for Brutally Beating Pet Dog With Metal Stick [Video]


A man named Liang Zhou has been arrested from Sunset Park, Brooklyn, New York, for brutally beating his pet dog with a metal stick. The arrest was made on Thursday, July 2 after police showed up at the house and apprehended the 35-year-old Zhou, and charged him with two counts of animal cruelty. The dog is a female Mastiff, and was taken away by the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA) on Wednesday, July 1, 2015 along with four other pet dogs from the property. The animals have been moved to the ASPCA Hospital for their examination and treatment. However, the extent of injuries to the dogs is not clear at this moment. Communications Manager Natasha Whitling said that it is an open NYPD case and declined to share more details and comment any further.

Neighbors have described the horrific yelps and cries of animals that they would hear night after night. One of the residents identified as Maria, from the locality, decided to shoot a video of Zhou beating his pet dog and bring the attention of authorities towards his actions. She said that she had yelled at the man one night when she went out to feed her dog. She had heard Zhou beating his pet dog with a metal stick while the pooch was crying. Maria shared the video on Facebook, showing the man holding a large broomstick over his pet. The dog is seen cowering in the corner of the backyard and the man is seen repeatedly striking the animal as it cried and yelped.

DogThe Facebook video went viral and was shared by thousands of individuals demanding prompt action on the part of authorities from NYPD. This eventually led to the arrest of the man from Brooklyn, New York for repeatedly, mercilessly beating his pet dog with a metal stick as seen in the video. The video is extremely difficult to watch and the cries of the animal are hard to bear, and the only reason for sharing it here is to raise awareness about how one can protect animals from such inhumane treatment all around.

Maria said that the animals are huge and beautiful, and they belong to Chinese Mastiff breed. She also informed that Zhou also used to lock his pet dogs in small cages where the animals could hardly stand or move. Many people on social media have been outraged after the news broke and the video was shared. People have urged everybody to help these dogs by any means possible. Many residents of Brooklyn gathered at 454 48th Street and protested in front of the building, demanding the man’s arrest.

Anthony Torres, who lives next door to Zhou, said that he has been listening to the beatings and the crying almost every day. Torres said that the cries sounded like that of a dying animal or like somebody was burning the animal alive. He had earlier thought that his neighbor might be training his pet dog and gave him the benefit of the doubt. Zhou had also said the same when Torres questioned him about the cries of animals he heard daily. However, Torres said that now that he and his friend have got a video as hard evidence to prove that Zhou was not actually training his pet. Veronica Cruz, the organizer of the protest at 454 48th Street, said that she was disgusted when she saw the video and decided to take some serious action against Zhou for his cruelty.

Police said that the family living in the building owns five dogs, and the owner has been polite and cooperative. The authorities have said that they are presently collecting all evidence against Zhou and are actively pursuing legal action against him. Many protestors had to be reassured by the NYPD that they are on top of the case and will not ignore this incident. However, cops have also said that due to old, archaic laws which classify pet animals as property, filing criminal charges, in this case, would prove to be difficult. They have also said that the other dogs did not have any obvious injuries and they are awaiting reports from doctors at ASPCA for proof of cruelty on part of the man from Brooklyn, who was arrested after a video showing him repeatedly beating his pet dog with a metal stick, went viral on Facebook.

By Ankur Sinha

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