Dogs: A Care Guide for Pet Owners [Video]


Many pet owners consider their dogs or other animals part of the family. As such, it is important to care for pets and keep them as healthy as possible. A dog’s health begins with grooming. From their hair to their nails, grooming is an essential aspect to any pet’s health and well-being. Another aspect to consider when caring for an animal is their accommodations if and when an owner is away from home. However, many pet owners may not realize just how important it can be for the animal. Here are some tips and tricks to guide pet owners in caring for their animals that will keep these unique family members happy as well as healthy. Moreover, even more helpful hints and tips are available in the video located at the end of the article.

When it comes to hair care, it is so important to remove dirt and dead hair from a dog’s coat regularly. Moreover, proper hair care also prevents matted hair in certain cat and dog breeds. Dogs who are regularly groomed tend to have shinier and healthier coats because the action of grooming the coat stimulates the skin’s surface as well as its blood supply.

Added to the hair care guide, another terrific tip and trick for pet owners who are devoted to caring for their dogs involves establishing a regular brushing routine. Most canines love attention and brushing can be a terrific way to bond with the animal. Moreover, it removes dead and/or dry skin and hair from the coat, helps pet owners become familiar with their dog’s body, redistributes the oils for a clean and healthy coat, as well as stimulates the skin’s surface. Furthermore, brushing also reduces skin irritation, bacteria and dirt build-up, as well as matted hair for dogs. It is recommended that dog owners should brush their animals several times a week, regardless of the length of their coat.


Regular bathing is also a must for dogs and integral part of proper grooming. In general, most dogs should get a bath every two to four months. However, if the animal gets into a messy situation, the dog should be bathed promptly. Moreover, certain dog breeds require more frequent and/or special bathing needs. However, it is also important to note that bathing an animal too frequently could dry out its skin and strip its coat of natural oils. It is always best to do one’s research ahead of time so that owners are prepared and informed about their canine’s needs. This is especially true if someone is a first-time dog owner.

Just like humans, dogs can also suffer from a variety of dental issues (e.g. malformed teeth, tartar build-up, cavities, gum disease, etc.). Moreover, many dog owners may not be aware that bacteria from gum disease can enter a dog’s bloodstream and led to many other health concerns. Making a canine’s dental care a priority will spare the animal unnecessary health issues and considerable pain while sparing their owners’ significant vet bills, as well as heartache and avoidable consternation in the future. It is recommended that pet owners should clean their dog’s teeth two to three times per week. However, it can depend on the breed or type of animal involved.

Another important element that pet owners should consider carefully involves the care and boarding of their animals when owners are away from home. Ideally, many owners may wish to bring their dogs with them. However, this is not always a viable or practical option. Whenever possible, pet owners should have someone stay at their residence and maintain the dog’s or pet’s normal routine as much as possible. Moreover, it is important to have the person or persons responsible for the animal keep their feeding, exercise, and sleeping schedule as consistent as possible. Once again, however, this is not always possible.

When considering pet boarding and/or dog sitting options, it is important to choose someone who will understand and know how to communicate with the animal(s). This is especially true if a dog is anxious, nervous, or aggressive when they are separated from their owner. The importance of leaving the dog with someone who understands the needs of the animal cannot be overstated. Pet owners new to the process should consider devising a checklist. Criteria for appropriate dog sitting options should include whether the person selected will be respectful of any boundaries or special instructions requested, sensitive to any limitations in terms of the animal(s), or whether they will adhere to the owner’s rules. If the answer is “no” to any of these questions, then it is likely a poor fit and should not be pursued. The trust factor is key when selecting a caretaker for an animal, especially when the pet is considered a family member. When a pet owner opts to leave their animal with someone in an alternate location away from home, such as a dog kennel or other pet boarding establishment, it is recommended that the animal be given time to become familiar with the new environment in advance if possible. This is especially important if the dog will be there for an extended stay.


If a crisis arises and a pet owner must find immediate accommodations for their animal, many veterinary clinics also offer pet boarding services. If a dog is familiar and comfortable with their vet, this could be a good pet boarding option to consider. However, if a canine is nervous and anxious when visiting the vet, this option should be avoided. Moreover, this option is also not advised if a dog or pet does not do well with other animals. In addition to the unfamiliar surroundings, other concerns to consider when placing dogs in a pet boarding establishment include exposure to disease, other animals, and possible feeding or sleep disturbances. Even if pet owners do their research, there is no way of knowing what the dogs may encounter or how an animal will respond to the situation.

Just like humans, dogs require a regular routine and proper grooming. Since many pet owners consider their dogs or other animals part of the family, it is important to care for pets properly and keep them as healthy as possible. A proper grooming routine keeps canines and other pets happy, healthy, and clean. Moreover, regular grooming can prevent a myriad of infections and diseases caused by bacteria, dirt, wax build-up, matted hair, and a variety of other contaminants. As the saying goes, “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure” and taking preventative measures such as these can not only improve the health and well-being of dogs as well as animals in general but also ease the financial burden incurred by pet owners. Hopefully, this care guide for pet owners will provide valuable tips and tricks on pet grooming for dogs, as well as other animals, that will help their owners avoid potentially expensive and unnecessary veterinary bills, as well as spare the animals unnecessary health issues and distress. The tips and tricks provided should help guide pet owners in caring for their animals and keep these unique family members happy as well as healthy. For even more helpful hints and tips on caring for dogs, please check out the video provided below.

Opinion Written and Edited by Leigh Haugh

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