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German Robot Kills Volkswagen Worker as Real Rise of Machines Reported



A German robot has killed a worker at the production unit of Volkswagen, in an incident which reveals the real rise of machines in the modern age. This can be considered as one of the first reported incidents which is evidence of machines and robots rising against the human race. With the fast-paced development in technology and growth of artificial intelligence, many sections of the society including scientists, sound skeptical when they are asked if humans will always be able to control the far superior and intelligent robots that we have built or will build in future. Considering the speed at which humans are becoming completely dependent on machines, it has been predicted that machines and robots will soon take over our lives, with many suggesting that it has already happened.

There is an ongoing raging debate about whether robots will take over the human civilization and rule the world in future. Arguments from both sides carry some weight as people who agree with this thought, say that robots will probably take over the world someday in the future. They have the advantage over humans by being able to live forever, and they can be stronger and more resilient. This is because they are immune from diseases and can solve problems very quickly with the correct coding and software.

RobotThose who argue against this thought, suggest that robots are not actually intelligent. They can do many things, but they do not possess human innovation and intelligence. They are just machines which follow directions, and so they would always do what a human tells them to. They say that humans will always have the upper hand when it comes to robots, and this is why they will never be capable of taking over the world.

It has been reported that a robot at one of the production plants belonging to the global carmaker Volkswagen, has killed a worker in what can be seen as the first act indicating the real rise of machines against humans. Heiko Hillwig, the spokesperson for Volkswagen, spoke to media on Wednesday, July 1 about the incident. He said that the man was killed by the robot on Monday, June 29, 2015, at the plant which is located close to 62 miles north of Frankfurt, in the town of Baunatal. The 22-year-old worker was a member of the team which was assigned to set up the stationary robot. Hillwig informed that the robot grabbed the worker and then crushed him against a metal plate until the worker died.

robotHillwig said that as per the initial findings, human error has been indicated as the cause of this incident. He also stressed on the fact that there were no issues with the functioning of the robot. He further stated that the machine can be programmed to work on a number of different operations and tasks in the process of assembling the units for Volkswagen vehicles at the production unit. Hillwig said that the machine generally operates only within a restricted area at the plant and its main functions are limited to latching on to various auto parts and manipulating them.

As per the reports, another contractor was present at the same spot when the incident took place. Hillwig said that while one worker was crushed to death by the robot, the other was not harmed at all. However, he refused to share any further details about the incident as an investigating team is working on this case at the moment. Thus, one of the first incidents signaling the real rise of machines against humans has been reported, as a German robot killed a worker at the production unit of Volkswagen. News agencies in Germany have informed that the prosecutors are considering if they should bring charges in this case and if so, against whom.

By Ankur Sinha

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