Serena Williams Beats Own Sister to Advance to Wimbledon Quarterfinals


Tennis pro Serena Williams has beaten her older sister to advance to the quarterfinals at Wimbledon 2015. According to Venus Williams, her loss had more to do with the breaks, as they both have the experience and knowledge to play a competitive game. They also seem to always try to give a good show to the fans.

It took slightly over an hour for the No. 1- ranked Serena Williams to defeat her older sister and take the match to advance to the quarterfinals. The tennis pro has not been on center court with her older sis in six years, and on Monday, July 6, she showed the world why she is the better of the two sisters, winning her 15th match against her big sis. The two sisters have played a total of 26 matches against each other. There seemed to be more fans for Venus Williams present, but they were not given much of a chance to cheer her on.

The No. 1-ranked tennis player has won two of the four competitions needed to complete a calendar Grand Slam, and Serena Williams is ready to complete the third phase. Her last loss was exactly one year ago at the All England Club, and she had victories at the French, U.S., and Australian Opens. According to the tennis pro, “It is never easy to play against someone you love and care about,” so it is better to just enjoy the competition.

Venus Williams has struggled with injury and illness since she last won a Wimbledon title in 2008. Each of them have won five singles tournaments each at Wimbledon, but the fourth round was a tough phase in which to meet one another in competition. The main reason why people believe in Venus Williams is how hard she fought to make her way back to a world ranking of  No. 16, even beating her little sister in last summer’s match-up in Montreal.

Venus Williams had a double-fault, causing her to drop the serve at 3-3, which left the door open for her younger sister to fight through the next game with an ace that measured 121 mph. The competition ended with a break at love.

WilliamsThe younger Williams showed why she is ranked No. 1, playing strongly through the first eight points, and taking control in the main areas of winners, serves and returns. After Monday’s match, she admitted her serves were not very big, but it was her consistency that made it possible for her to beat her big sister to go on to the quarterfinals. She lost only five points on the serve in the second set, but was able to hit more winners at 22-6.

The No. 1-ranked tennis player admitted that at 33, and her sister at 35, they are coming to the peak of their career, and there might not be many more opportunities such as this. The elder sister said that they both knew they could not go on forever, but right now, each of them is playing at a top level, and it clearly is not over for either of them.

Serena Williams had to beat her own sister in order to advance to the quarterfinals and make an attempt at winning the Grand Slam. According to John McEnroe, it is unlikely that anyone will be able to play like the sisters anytime soon. McEnroe also added that tennis is the only sport with equal advantages between men and women, but although there is a good chance for other women to have great success at tennis in the future, it is unlikely they will leave a mark like these sisters have.

Commentary by Katherine Miller-Chichester

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Inline Photo Courtesy of Marianne Bevis’ Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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