South Korean Spy Found Dead After Apparent Suicide Over Possible Government Scandal

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south korean spyAccording to police officials, a South Korean spy was found dead in his car on Saturday morning from what looks like a suicide. Along with the body, authorities found a note that commented on a recent development regarding the agency and technology they obtained used to intercept communications and is working with the nation’s government.

The South Korean spy, a 46-year-old male, working for the National Intelligence Service (NIS), was found dead in his vehicle near Yongin City, just south of the capital Seoul. No information regarding his name or further identity has been released due to the family’s request.

On Tuesday, the NIS released a statement that explained the agency bought specialized hacking programs from Hacking Team, an Italy-based tech company, in 2012. Though, the agency stated the program was only utilized to obtain intelligence on North Korea to monitor their possible belligerence and for general research projects.

Earlier this month, Hacking Team had a mass of email data stolen from them, which was then published online by WikiLeaks. The posting showed evidence that the South Korean government was working with the company. Authorities have yet to state if the South Korean spy killed himself as a statement towards the program.

By Alex Lemieux


The Daily Star Lebanon: Dead S. Korean agent leaves note hinting at hacking scandal

Photo Courtesy of Jirka Matousek’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License