Tom Cruise Provides Thrills in Latest Mission Impossible Movie

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Actor Tom Cruise provides lots of thrills in the latest Mission Impossible movie, titled Mission Impossible – Rogue Nation. All reviews coming out regarding the action film are excellent, setting the stage for a multi-million weekend of box office sales as the movie premiers on July 31.

A key point in the movie, according to all the critics, is the number of stunts. Cruise, 53, performs many of them and the audience will discover how many times his character, Ethan Hunt, can be potentially killed in under three hours. The espionage film begins with Cruise latching onto a plane with his fingertips during takeoff.

Critics said another positive element in the film is that Cruise is joined by other powerful cast members. That include Jeremy Renner, Alec Baldwin, Simon Pegg, and Rebecca Ferguson. Ferguson plays a mysterious, unidentified femme fatale. The movie also has a solid smart script with excellent dialogue that is moved along with action that keeps the viewer on the edge of his or seat, according to the critics. One reviewer said the dilemmas of the protagonists are “quite extreme,” but that makes it interesting. Another comment was that the film has plenty of surprises in all types of forms. Some of those are throwbacks to bits in previous Mission Impossible films.

Another positive element of the film, according to critics, is the exotic places showcased in the movie. This movie embarks on adventures in Belarus, Morocco and London. Critics have been so enthralled with this film that many are calling it the best widespread movie release of the summer.

This movie also marks a milestone for Cruise and the franchise. Mission Impossible has been a standard in the industry for 20 years with this latest film the fifth in the series. The star has maintained the Ethan Hunt character throughout the entire time and that is longer than any of the actors maintained the James Bond character throughout the Bond spy film franchise.

In this Mission Impossible film, Baldwin is leading the CIA in attempts to end the IMF using clandestine U.S. Senate meetings. Hunt is under investigation and must leave his team. Meanwhile, a group called the Syndicate becomes a global threat as it plans to launch a weapon. Cruise provides thrills throughout this latest Mission Impossible movie as he attempts to save the world.

Cruise has, by far, been one of the most successful actors ever considering all the revenues from since movies since Risky Business in 1983 to Edge of Tomorrow in 2014. While some movies were deemed less successful than others, critics said none of Cruise’s endeavors can be considered flops. Far and Away of 1992, generally considered one of his worst films, brought in $138 million on a $60 million budget. Other movies the public typically considers as bad films for Cruise also did well in terms of revenue. Eyes Wide Shut grossed $162 million on a $65 million budget and Magnolia earned $48 million on a $37 million budget. The Last Samurai brought in $456 million on a $140 million budget.

Others, considered as possible flops, including Valkyrie and Knight and Day earned $200 million and $262 million, respectfully on budgets of $75 million and $117 million. Jack Reacher earned $218 million on a $60 million spent and a sequel was produced. The only real bomb in Cruise’s entire career, according to the numbers comparing revenue with budgets, was Rock of Ages where the actor played a 1980’s rock star. It grossed $59 million and cost $75 million to make.

Cruise, given his star power and his record as an actor, will no doubt continue to provide thrills and chills for audiences in both this latest Mission Impossible sequel but in others to come. Mission Impossible- Rogue Nation opens in theaters and also in IMAX theaters on July 31.

By Melody Dareing


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