Tropical Storm Claudette Forms Off Massachusetts Coast

tropical storm claudetteThe National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) named tropical storm Claudette as the third of its kind to form in the Atlantic Ocean this season. On Monday afternoon, Doppler radar tracked in storm to 290 miles south-southeast of the Massachusetts coast.

Tropical storm Claudette will continue to travel in the northeast direction through Tuesday afternoon, then downgrading to a post-tropical cyclone as it makes land fall in eastern Canada along the Nova Scotia and Newfoundland borders. Currently, the storm does not pose a threat to the Atlantic Seaboard, and may only bring stronger than normal swells to the New England coastlines. Heavy rainfall and strong gusts may accompany the elevated coastal weather.

Weather radar out of Philadelphia shows that current measurements inside the cell include at least 51 dBZ of rainfall. Maximum sustained winds are in upwards of 42 mph.

Claudette is not predicted to make landfall anywhere except parts of northeastern Canada. Only rough surf and heavy rainfall should affect coastal New England. A humid Tuesday should follow the storm’s exit out of U.S. coastal waters, according to meteorologists.

By Alex Lemieux


The Weather Channel: Tropical Storm Claudette, Third Named Storm of Atlantic Hurricane Season, Forms Off East Coast of U.S.

Weather Underground: Philadelphia Radar NEXRAD Station DIX

Photo Courtesy of NASA’s Flickr Page – Creative Commons License

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