Bill Cosby Ordered by Judge to Give Sworn Testimony in Lawsuit

CosbyBill Cosby has been ordered by a Los Angeles Superior Court judge to give a sworn testimony in a pending lawsuit for sexual misconduct. This is no laughing matter for the comedian. Although not criminally charged, Cosby has been a serious topic of discussion since rape allegations resurfaced in 2014. Judy Huth, one of the many alleged victims, is claiming to suffer from psychological injuries which were previously repressed until a few years ago, thereby falling within the boundaries of the statute of limitations.

In 2014, Huth accused the entertainer of prepping her with alcohol at the Playboy Mansion before sexually abusing her when she was 15 years old. Just one of 40 women who have accused the actor of sexual misconduct, the 50-year-old woman said she and a friend met her alleged perpetrator at a park in Los Angeles where he was filming a movie. The girls were later invited to Cosby’s tennis club where they consumed alcoholic beverages before going to the Playboy Mansion.

This is the first time in nearly a decade, since a deposition rendered in a Pennsylvania case, the stand-up comic has been ordered to testify under oath in response to a complaint against him of sexual misconduct. As in times past, his attorney has called the allegation defamatory and untrue. The former Electric Company actor is now sitting in the heat of at least four pending lawsuits which have stemmed from such accusations.

Earlier this year, in hopes of saving his reputation and failing career, Cosby filed a lawsuit against three of his accusers. The 78-year-old has managed to maintain an arrogant demeanor as accusations continued to be hurled against him. The comedian lost a host of supporters but maintained quite a few celebrity cohorts until the recent unsealing of court documents which revealed that Cosby admitted to obtaining drugs for sexual predatory intention.

The man who is best known to the younger generation as Dr. Heathcliff Huxtable has even blamed the media for trying to ruin his career with fabricated information that is decades old. It had been 14 years since the first woman garnered enough courage to publicly go after the powerful comedian, and it appeared after settling out of court that the Different World creator had gotten off easy.

As allegations consistently began erupting against the famed producer, many fellow comedians said the accusations were not surprising. Supposedly, these were the types of conversations which had long been spoken about in reference to the author. The wife of the late Richard Pryor said it was a well-kept secret among the elite that Cosby screwed everything that moved. Jennifer Lee-Pryor said people in the business have known this about the comedian for decades but have now decided to speak out.

Lee-Pryor called him a hypocrite of epic proportion. The Top Secret actor, while professing to work clean, looked down on her husband and said he worked dirty because he used excessive profanity. According to Jennifer, Cosby hated her husband and criticized his comedic demonstrations, all while living the life of an undercover sexual predator.

The covers have now been removed as a judge has ordered Cosby to give a testimony in a recent sexual misconduct allegation against him. Until now, the actor made jokes about and downplayed the many accusations being hurled his way, now he is finally being forced to speak about the allegations under oath. In a statement Huth’s lawyer, Gloria Allred said:

We are pleased that we will now be able to move ahead without further delay on Ms. Huth’s case and we look forward to taking Mr. Cosby’s deposition on October 9, 2015.

Huth’s counsel originally scheduled Cosby’s deposition in June but was unable to take it because the comedian filed an opposing petition with the court. After the California Supreme Court denied the Uptown Saturday Night actor’s request, Allred immediately began to move forward in efforts to obtain the deposition. The deposition is a key part of the discovery process in any civil litigation. Huth’s attorney is happy to announce that Bill Cosby has been ordered to give a sworn testimony in her client’s pending lawsuit.

by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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