From Donald Trump to Kanye West the Tomfoolery Continues

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KanyeFirst Donald Trump decides to take a bid at the Oval Office and now Kanye West announces his intentions at the Video Music Awards (VMA) show to do the same. Trump has seemingly found a host of supporters that continue to fuel his efforts and according to social media so has Kanye. Neither one of these celebrity personalities has what it takes to run a country when they cannot even control what comes out of their mouths. However, the tomfoolery continues as the internet exploded in support of Kanye’s announcement for a place in the White House.

The more serious contenders and those concerned about the future of this great country did not hesitate to express their disapproval for the current state of affairs and U.S. politics. After watching and listening to Trump since he announced his candidacy for president, many have considered him another form of entertainment as opposed to a true competitor for the office of the president. The Celebrity Apprentice creator is no doubt a forerunner, but many believe it is simply a sideshow of what will never be realized. After Kanye announced his future intentions a fellow celebrity and musician posted the following on social media:

Kanye or trump…man the presidency is not what it used to be. Trump now. Kanye later? What is happening to US politics? Sad state of affairs. Spectacles with no rhyme, reason or point.

The rapper who admitted to drug use before arriving at the award show announced the bid during his acceptance speech after receiving the Video Vanguard Award. This is the VMA’s highest honor and West appeared to be proud of the achievement before barreling a host of insults towards the show and its methods of deciding who ultimately wins the best video title. At the end of the awkward speech, before leaving the stage the words no one could have anticipated rolled off the College Dropout rapper’s lips:

I have decided in 2020 to run for president!

KanyeFrom Trump to Mr. West, the tomfoolery continues. But, who could really question the authenticity of the announcement after witnessing the level of success The Art of the Deal author has achieved. The irony of it all is both celebrity personalities are known, not necessarily for their achievements any longer, but for their niche at pissing people off. This seems to be the ongoing motive of both Trump and Kanye. The presidential hopeful, Mr. Trump, is rarely discussed because of the great businessman that he is, contrariwise it is generally for the ridiculous things that he speaks. Kanye, at one time, was recognized because of the genius of a lyricist that he had proven to be but has long fallen off track to become a toxic activist of sorts.

The Can’t Tell Me Nothing rapper began his acceptance speech as a man who was aware of the effects his antics has had on others and the residue that remains. It seemed as if he had turned a new leaf and wanted to reveal a more humble mindset. It was not long before the “creature” the industry has come to know surfaced and took over. Amidst a rally of supporters stood his wife, Kim Kardashian West, with a look of disbelief plastered across her face. Kanye, feeding off the audience support, quickly turned the acceptance speech into a roast of the awards production.

Kanye is looking toward 2020 for a run for the presidency as Trump continues to gain momentum for a 2016 seat. Neither party has demonstrated any political skill but continues to receive attention because of the outrageous things they say. From Donald Trump to Kanye West, the outlook for America’s future is dim as the tomfoolery continues to surface in the realm of politics.

Opinion by Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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