Jennifer Aniston Allegedly Adopts Baby Girl Following Theroux Wedding


Jennifer Aniston’s plans to marry husband, Justin Theroux, are said to have been simply down to the supposed fact that the couple is planning to welcome home their adopted baby girl. According to inTouch magazine, the Hollywood duo have adopted a six-month-old baby girl, which would explain their decision to suddenly get married without telling anybody. They finally want to start a family.

The 46-year-old actress, who has never ruled out the idea to have children of her own, has finally made the move, sources close to the publication allege. The idea to adopt a child has been on the couple’s minds for months, but things finally moved forward last month when Aniston decided she wanted to wed her fiancé of three years once and for all.

“Jen has made an official announcement to a few close and trusted friends. She told one person that she had not met the baby yet, but that was a few weeks before their wedding,” an insider tells inTouch, insinuating that the former Friends actress might have already seen the baby by now. The news outlet fails to mention what kind of background the little girl comes from — perhaps she went the Angelina Jolie route and adopted a child from Africa.

It seems that both Aniston and Theroux are keeping everything one big secret. As discreet as their wedding was, their plans to adopt a baby girl is being handled the very same way. Some of the couple’s closest friends still have not been informed about the duo’s decision to start a family of their own with the adoption of their daughter, which outlets claim will be introduced to the world sometime in September following her arrival to Aniston’s Bel-Air home at the end of the month.

A source continued, “Jen said everything has been approved and she will be bringing the baby home within six weeks. The adoption wasn’t talked about openly at the wedding. Not everyone there knew about it, but a lot of the guests did.” While the 46-year-old has often stressed to fans not to believe everything that tabloid magazines write about her, inTouch is the same outlet who correctly guessed the couple’s wedding earlier month, so there really is no reason to disregard stories concerning the adoption.

The Hollywood star and her new husband are currently on their much-awaited honeymoon out in Bora Bora. While it is unclear how long the couple will be staying on the beautiful island, they would most likely make a return back to Los Angeles by next week to prepare themselves for their daughter’s arrival.

It has been ten years since Aniston split from ex-husband, Brad Pitt, over alleged reports that she just was not ready to have children with the actor at the time. Of course, this ended up leading to Pitt finding Jolie, who would go on to have six children with the 51-year-old — three biological and three adopted.

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